Friday , September 30 2022

Passing Saba's RM4.16b Budget, Jeffrey's Alternate & # 39; Rejected – Country


KOTA Not Available: On November 12, the Sabah State Assembly won the RM4.16bil state budget for 2019.

Deputy Leader of Opposition Including Jeffrey Kittington, supported the Bill but presented an alternative to the Alternative Budget on Monday. (November 12).

Jeffrey in the legislative assembly said that the Budget alliance does not reflect the government's promises and failed to meet Saba's rights for fund and income.

Gabangan Barzat Saba Deputy Co-chairman RM10.86b has proposed an alternate alternative budget. The balance of RM5.745bil of RM16.605bil is estimated.

Chief Minister Duttuk Seri Mohammed Shafi Adal Geoffrey's slogan was called "hateful thought" to "sabotage the Saba".

Overcoming Budgets was postponed to November 9 by Shafi, the state finance minister.

The focus of the fiscal budget is the government's ambition to improve the welfare of the people by raising the economic growth of the government.

It has also taken into account domestic and foreign economic conditions and globalization challenges.

He said that enjoying the economy of the state by sharing the caste or religion with other people is also shared publicly.

"We have to spend our ability to collect," he added.

Meanwhile, Shafi said the government has not completely abandoned the fully protected areas (TPA). By 2025, 30 percent of Saba's forests will be allocated for maintenance.

The Government's decision to implement the Land Use Plan to address the double demands of development and protection will be given to the development of infrastructure, agriculture development, agriculture development and protection.

In the application of 20% from Petronas, Shafi was discussing with national oil companies and waited to reply.

Shafi said that the UbILT company Saba Electricity is considering taking the SDN Amendment to provide electricity and tariffs for power consumption.

He is also considering taking over the water resources of the state to examine the Ministry of Infrastructure Development.

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