Thursday , October 28 2021

Pandit says Adrian should seek removal after Liverpool fall from Peking order


Pundit Darren Bent says Liverpool goalkeeper Adrian will have to call time in his Anfield career after making the third choice.

Alison Becker ‘s number one backup last season was Adrian, who held that position again at the start of the current campaign.

But Jഗrgen Klopp decided to throw the young Irish goalkeeper Cavoin Kelleher Against Ajax in the Champions League draw last Tuesday.

The 22-year-old from Cork received rave reviews. His kicking was excellent, and he saved too late to save a clean sheet from the Clean-John Handler.

A 1-0 victory helped Liverpool advance to the knockout stages.

Keller looks set to start the game against the Wolves on Sunday evening and is poised to retain his place until Allison returns.

Quoted by Football Insider, Bent said: “Listen, after his performance, I don’t think Adrian will go anywhere near that, because we’ve seen Adrian on some occasions, the mistakes that cost his team points and goals.

“When I went back to the Everton game, he gave up the ball and they scored. So, we saw him make big, big mistakes that value goals.

“Kelleher has just come in and he played well – made big profits, good on foot. J‌rgen Klopp Finally gave him a big hug, I think he’s ahead of Adrian right now.

“Adrian needs to go and look for places to play. Because we all know that number one will be Alison.

“He is one of the best goalkeepers in the world and he is arguably the best.

“Just like Keller came and played now, I can’t see, if there was no other injury, I can’t see Adrian ever going to play.

“If one or two goalkeepers are fit, I can never see how Adrian will get game time.”

Commenting on Kellar’s performance against Ajax, Bent added: “That performance was very reassuring, confident, saves, distributed, everything. I can’t see him leaving now until Alison returns. ”

Kicking is important

Adrian Made many high mistakes.

However, Jൻrgen Klopp is a big supporter of the Spanish stopper. He has a strong presence in the dressing room and has sometimes made some significant gains.

While loyal, Klopp knows that Adrian’s delivery is not good.

The Liverpool boss said that was the reason why Kellaher was coming against Ajax.

Kellogg started out as a field offfield player. That ability in his legs plays an important role in creating him AlisonPermanent backup.

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