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Oscars' Heiguine nightmare is a former club


Mallan (AP) – Gonzalo Hugin was disappointed that his performance against his former team was proof of his defeat.

It was a 2-0 defeat to Jebindes against Elli Milan after missing penalty for the first time. He was expelled after he prepared a referee for booking.

"I have a team for my response, my fans and I should apologize to the coach," Higgin said. "The referee knows what I said, sometimes they can understand the situation, and he wants to make a morale," he said.

Cristiano Ronaldo had a chance to make room for the Juventus. His mental condition is of the most serious genera ghetto.

"When you play against a team that you're playing, feelings are different, but I will take responsibility, and it will not happen again," Hugh said, not to leave the jouetus. "I am very emotional and talented, sometimes it's hard to control my emotions, sometimes I have to respond, but that's how I feel like that.

"I know we (players) are an example for kids, my response is not correct and we are not a robot."

Heugnu's goal was to get a referee of a yellow card.

After the Red Card, Argentina had to lead the team and all the Juventus players – including his second goal goal, with Ronaldo.

Juventus players also mapped for referee. He was not prepared to face a prolonged ban.

"I told the food to get rid of the injury," said Ronaldo. "He was ruinous, he was lost, but we should not blame him, he did not say anything."

The game highlights the historic weaknesses of the High Way: losing the big games, losing his mind when not doing things.

SZCZESNY & # 39; s Save

Hingu does not blame him because he does not make a mistake.

Juwantes goalkeeper Wojciešský Szczycin has faced speculation in the right direction and the picture kicked off the picture kick well but Hingu's weak effort.

"I was lucky, but I concentrated on the shots at Hugh's," said Escaseni. "Ronaldo told me to go ahead."

This season the season had been replaced by JinGangi Buffon's substitute Saskacini. But in the beginning she started before Perry.

"It's important to be continuous, Perin will inspire me," said Escasini. "Buffalon is always hard to change (instead of replacing), but by this defense, one mistake is easier than doing well."

Never said Napoli

Knolpoli returned from a goal for a goal of five goals in the season, or five goals. This is the fourth time in the Series A and the Champions League.

The match lasted for a 2-1 draw in Genoa and lasted for 15 minutes.

In 1987 and 1990 Diego Maradona led two Italian Championships between 1981 and 1990, Naboi earned 10 points after the first Syrian A Tour.

Season's Biggest Return It was a 3-2 defeat against Milan. In the second half, it was 2-0.

Coaching cargo

Three Series One Clubs have made changes to the in-season coaching season this season, with two more moves.

He last resigned as coach Gian Pierro led Ventura Borgona 2-2 in the draw.

It was for the first time that Vintura was replaced by Lorenzo de Anna in the four competitions of Chiao.

Jeroboas coach Ivan Jurik Sankodoria is in danger of coming to the next derby.

Jury was rented a year ago instead of replacing David Ballard. But Genoa had only two draws and two defeats.

Six of the others lost Julio Velasquez for Udinese. One of the seven last matches was taken.


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