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IGS Capital Group (IGSC) and Zagg (ZAGG) – Contracts


They are small-scale industrial companies such as the IGS Capital Group (OTCMKTS: IGSC) and Zagg (NASDAQ: ZAGG). Compare two companies based on dividends, institutional ownership, profitability, income, analytical recommendations, valuation and risk.

Insider & Institutional Ownership

84.5% of ZOG shares own institutional investors. 5.8% sug shares are owned by insiders. Strong Institution Ownership Hedge Funds, Endowments and Big Money Makers are entrusting a stock on a long-term basis.

Validation, income

This list compares the IGS Capital Group, the income of Sagas, Earnings and Capital.

There is a higher income and revenue than the IGS Capital Group.


The comparison between the IGS Capital Group and the margins of the Suggs is returned to Equity and repaying its assets.

Risk and instability

IGP Capital Group said it was 505% cheaper than the S & P 500. Price of semen products is 1.66%.

Analysts ratings

Current ratings and recommendations for IGS Capital Group and Zagg are provided by

Zug targets an economic price of $ 20.20, indicating a rise of 76.27 per cent. Analysts clearly believe that the Zagg's high-powered backgammon is more favorable than the IGS Capital Group.


Compared to the two stocks, the IGS Capital Group was destroyed by 10 in 11 components.

IGS Capital Group Company Profile

IGS Capital Group Ltd. is a ecological service and waste treatment company. The company has also acquired the collection and redemption of industrial, commercial and solid waste products, such as plastic, paper, cardboard or glass. China's manufacturing customers, including products, products, construction materials, and manufacturing equipment, buy resale materials. The company is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Group Company Profile

ZAGG Inc. is the largest supplier of Zagger, Designs, Production and Mobile Tech products for smartphones and tablets in USA, Europe and internationally. It works in ZAGG, mophie segments. Company offers screen protection products; Battery cases, power management products for tablets, smartphones, MP3 players, cameras and other electronic mobile devices; Device-specific keyboards and device aggregate keyboards; Cables under headphones, wireless charging products, Bluetooth speaker, ZAGG, InvisibleShield, IFROGZ and mophie brands. Free retailers, Wireless retailers, homegrown international suppliers, free apple retailers, university bookstores, freely own consumer electronics stores as well as directly or indirectly through distributors or suppliers, and directly on and The company sells franchises to owners of kiosks in retail malls and retail centers and ZAGG branded stores. ZAGG Inc., based in Utah, Midwall

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