Friday , May 14 2021

Ebola claims about the fear of 1.2 million people

TThe disease is widespread in the rural areas of the city, as the risk can not help. As a result, programs for teaching local people's methods to prevent the spread of disease – a past proven strategy that can not be easily implemented.

Challenges and conditions in aid to workers and government health officers are found anywhere else in Boombee. The North Kivok suspects the Congolese president Joseph Kabila. The government has decreed to protect civilians from local armed groups.

The suspect is given to foreign workers. The international community is emphasizing the ebola's reaction to the relatively minor killing – the destruction of villages and ignoring the massacres that wipe out families.

People like the United Nations Foundation for Children (UNICEF) have succeeded in helping people to believe using local radio stations and youth leaders from other areas of health.

"Yunisif with Ebola Saarwalls, which makes 1,000 times better performance than Ebola Treatment Centers," said Yves Willemot, UNICEF Communications Head in the Congo.

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