Wednesday , March 22 2023

Auction of Special License Plates Auction and Transparency (Updated) – Land


Transport Minister Anthony Lock said the online routes of online plates will be taken online to ensure more transparency in the transportation system.

Local said that steps to bid for this particular number plates more transparent and dynamic are further expanded.

People are useful and useful online when compared to the current manual tender system.

"With this system, people can see the promises promised by others, and can raise or bid for auction (or auctions) based on what others have been promised." Ma'bun Sulaiman (Ma'bun Sulaiman) asked if the new Transport Department (JPJ) could introduce a new system. Registration of new vehicle plates is more transparent.

The Ministry was aware that it was intended to fix the ceiling price of special number plates in high demand.

The auction will be given to the auction to announce the winner of the Special Number Plate Auction.

People do not have to go to JPJ counters to submit their tender forms, but they can finish their comfort instead.

In order to ensure a safe and effective online cycle mode, the Ministry said that a detailed study will be developed to develop the specifications and workflow systems of the system.

The Malaysian Administrative Modderence and Management Planning Unit (Mango), which specializes in Information Technology for the development of Online Bad System, will be provided to the Ministry.

The project is expected to be completed in 3-6 months. The ministry (expected) system can be completed in the first year and can be used in the next year, "Lock said.

The Ministry has not planned to establish the ceiling price for registration of special number numbered plates. Because this will be given at auction for auction and transparent and open.

This increases revenue to the government. If the ceiling price is fixed, it will be contrary to the open tender rules, "he said.

If a related question has been given a low price for lock-specific numbers, it would seem worthless.

"So we have to set low prices (these numbers) and allow tender be done.

"For your information, these numbers are likely to generate generous revenue for the government, for instance, when Pathan took over the government and introduced the Malaysian number plate series to RM1.11mil," he added.

In the meantime, Lockco said a non-governmental organization (NGO) had taken a special labor auction.

When their request is accepted, they will be handed over to the RM1mil government, but the number numbers can be created in RM10mil at that time.

"The government has no RM1 mill, and many NGOs have requested this special number plate they will organize programs (money received from the sale of number plates), so why do they benefit?

The new government will be set up and the government will be given special numbers.

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