Friday , March 24 2023

At a junction of the new Malaysia


Calls The conservatives who have rejected the recognition of Malaysia's ICRD (International Convention for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination) in Malaysian are crying in Malaysia.

Do you deny the intention of eliminating racist discrimination? Foreigners interested in reading the latest news about Malaysia should either be strangled or unclear.

In addition, the remaining 14 countries are still in Malaysia exclusive club to sign ICERRD. Myanmar, North Korea and South Sudan are some members of the club.

Amnesto and Pios have adopted the goal of the common people to work for their political existence.

These political parties did not learn the lessons of Barisan Nassen's fall.

However, the members of the new government are concerned about some politicians, the ICERD's contracts or, more specifically, opposition from the conservatives.

Overuse of ICERD is an important symbolic act.

Many of the fifteen newest Harappan elected GE15 as their new government. They seemed to be reformists. They are willing to reform our corrupt institutions and demonstrate moral authority and gradually change our vulnerable social culture that has been affecting the country for six decades.

Because racial discrimination is growing in our politics, it is obvious that time and effort is needed, so the attitude and the mindset of our minds will change.

Therefore, the ICERD recognition is the first step of the government. This will be a symbolic act of the Malaysians and the world who are determined to move forward with our symbol.

However, if politicians branded as reformers once dared not recognize the importance of eliminating racist discrimination, could the voters who choose the reformist and ideologically politician to rule in our country would have betrayed them?

Symbolic political activity will influence the thinking and attitudes of the society in the long run. Ultra conservatives who do not want equality to achieve equality will be a major setback for the progress that our country has made so far.

If the new government does not even intend to recognize the symbolic equality, how will the Conservatives react when the government intends to implement real and substantive reforms?

To foresee, there will be strong opposition and the government will be disappointed.

Finally, as Barisan Nasanal has done, the majority will lose the moral power in the control of the multi-cultural country as people lose their faith.

Any real and genuine reform will affect the vested interests of some individuals or groups. If you want to think that reforms can be implemented smoothly, building a building must be done.

Therefore, when politicians and corporate leaders implement reforms, they have to face a setback.

Individuals or groups of individuals will try to resist reforms and challenge reformers in any way to maintain their interests and positions.

After all the hard work to downgrade the old and decadent government, our reformists will be the next fight to submit themselves.

When the conservatives pull down all stops to prevent conservative efforts to meet the criteria of equality, the new government must state its stand.

Otherwise, many of the enthusiasm and expectations the new government desires are slow. This would be the result of a long-lasting political outcome that our "reformists" had to face.

The open support of the civil society is essential for the acceptable support of the ICER as their stance on teaching people is not a zero game. Their neutral stand will strengthen the government's decision to recognize the ICRD as a symbolic symptom of achieving a long-term goal of achieving a long-term goal.

Our new Malaysia is at a junction. Do you have courage against the tide?

Ho Chi Chai
Petaling Jay

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