Friday , September 30 2022

Ali Tinju tries to join Bersat


& # 39; Ali Tinju & # 39; The army chief, Mohammed Ali Bahram, claimed that he wanted to join Barzut.

Ali knows about the major opponents who oppose Berzheim and the anti-corruption protests. In 2012, in front of Berke's Core Chairperson Ambika Srinivasan's residence, Strong protest is & # 39; s & # 39;

According to the report Free Malaysia Today Following allegations involving former Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, Barnath Chairperson Dr Ali, a follower of Mahathir Mohammed, said.

"I joined Berzat, and I did not take a leadership position in Amno, so we were ordering the leaders," he said.

The FTT reported that Bursadze's denial of the fact that Ali was not a member in Afghanistan.

"The form of the form was sent, but recognition is still unacceptable," source said.

When asked about his involvement in Ambika's house, he said: "Yes, I was engaged in such provocations, but I have never lied or paid people's money.

"I entered a job with Beers and did not follow any post or monitor profit.

"If you want to join Bersault, I know Dr. Mahutar's reminder that you have to change."

A group of armed insurgents who retired on May 15, 2012,Exercises"Out of Ambi's house, they shook their shock at the door.

The protest against the Bersih 3.0 rally a month ago was a protest.

He was also there Threatened To do that Malaysian feetOffice for news portal reporting in Najib's wife Rossma Manzor, but the threat is not working.

A year ago, Aliy was also accused of allegations of rioting outside the La Plateau Plaza. But then Attorney General Mohammed Adindi Ali There are no evidence.

He led the chancellery in 2016 Protest Against the opposite TangkapMO1 rallyThis was a protest by the authorities to arrest Najib at 1MDB scam.

That year he made a report Death threat The then Bercy chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah is against.

He is the same Misunderstood According to the report, for one Recording Please check the report correctly.

According to the then home minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the case was referred to as NFA (no further action).

Maria, a pettaling Japanese MP, points out that it will disappoint if Ali was accepted as a Bersat member.

"He expressed intolerance to different perspectives and threatened the lives of those who refused him." In New Malaysia, corrupt leaders are not just unacceptable.

"If we can not stop any party to take Jamal Younus," she said Malaysian feet.

Jamal said that now Sunaiyar Bazaar is Antro chief Statements Provocative and intolerant.

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