Friday , September 30 2022

After the IOC, Kosovo Standard Spain withdraws


Following the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) pressure, sports sportsmen from Spain's Kosovo will be equally equipped with other competitors in sporting events in the country.

Spain has had a chance to host Cassatt World Athletics Championships recently. The Kosovian athletes are not under the Kosovo flag but are referred to as 'neutral uniform' & # 39; Wear only.

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Kosovo Flag © Rüuter / Ogun Theophilowski

This was a warning from the IOC. Spain can not deny the right to host future events.

A joint statement by the Spanish Olympic Committee on Wednesday said that the Iberian country has now promised to give Kosovo's full and equal rights to its competitors.

The Cossaon sports delegations competing in Spain on a suitable visa in Spain will be given to the Spanish government. According to the Olympic Protocol, their national symbols, song, Spain's Foreign Minister Joseph Borel pointed out.

"This guarantees that Kosovo's athletes will take part in the same platform for all athletes from the 206 National Olympic Committee approved by the IOC." It has been added.

Spain denied the claim that the denier of visa denied Kosavan athletes was a visa. It was divided in some European countries.

This is the fear of Spain itself as a species of species including Catalonia.

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In 2008, Serbia declared independence from Serbia in a decision opposing Russia and many other countries including Serbia. Kosovo's full status in October 2014 Provided. It is the 205 Olympic Committee approved by the Association.

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