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What are the symptoms of diabetes?


  • Prevent diabetes
  • Identify the symptoms of diabetes,
  • Controls diabetes.

Today, 425 million people are diabetic in the world. People. It is estimated that it will be 352 million dollars, which is more prone to diabetes. Most of the patients (327 million) are employees, namely, living in cities of 20-64 years (279 million).

According to the European Diabetes Federation, the number of diabetic patients in Europe in 2017 was 58 million. This figure is estimated to be 2045. 67 million

In 2017, the number of diabetic patients in Lithuania came to 107 and type 2 diabetes mellitus (type 2 diabetes mellitus). It can be avoided by a healthy lifestyle: normal physical activity and healthy balanced nutrition. Families have an important role in maintaining the aspects of diabetes. Support for family, resources and healthy environmental protection for patients needs to be altered.

One out of 2 people who have suffered from type 2 diabetes have not been identified. Preventing complications of diabetes is important for early diagnosis and treatment (diabetes, heart attack, blindness, chronic failure and low vaseline vomiting). Diabetes may be relevant to all families, so it is essential for everyone to identify the symptoms and to understand the risks.

As mentioned, the disease Type 2 diabetes (90% of the world's population) have the following symptoms:

  • Regular urine
  • Great thirst
  • Rising starvation
  • Weight losses
  • Fatigue
  • Failure to focus or maintain attention
  • Weak reggae
  • Vomiting and abdominal pain (often confusing with pigs).
  • People in an emergency situation can change the first, so the role of the family is crucial for early diagnosis of diabetes.

However, the main factor in reducing the risk of diabetes is defensive. One of the main factors that can prevent diabetes is nutritionally the family. The International Diabetes Association is the following Nutrition Recommendations:

  • Replace the juice, choose soda water or other sweet drinks, water, unsweetened tea;
  • Eat at least three vegetables a day.
  • Eat three fruits and fruits every day.
  • Snacks, fruits or a snack
  • Limit the consumption of alcohol;
  • Eat lean meat, poultry, meals, and avoid meat.
  • Eat tooth butter instead of chocolate or jam;
  • Choose whole grain bread products, brown rice or noodles whole grains;
  • To ensure the use of unsightly fat in the daily diet is the priority.

Another important goal of preventing diabetes is to promote physical activity. It takes into consideration the individual's capabilities and combines daily activities (intensive walking, jogging, gardening or other active appliances).

In order to reduce the risk of morbidity and mortality from diabetes, we need to recognize that the risk factors need a constant correction. Vast healthcare professionals are also available in Lithuania by participating in the Heart and Blood Disease and Diabetes Risk Group Program.

The risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, how to change lifestyles, stress control, choose healthy eating habits and physical activity to increase the health of the risk group. This event is 40-65 years old. Heart disease, diabetes, and others are at risk.

To participate in this free program, contact the municipalities where you live in your family doctor or public health office.

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