Wednesday , September 28 2022

The Ministry evaluates the possibilities of regional power generation


"Our objective is to evaluate the potential of existing potential market participants to develop new product capabilities and to set up new and flexible power plants to ensure the integrity of the energy system," said Energy Minister Jegamasthas Vishunus said in a statement.

In the market conditions, there are not enough privileges to the development of local production, and states can either tender (auction), which is not ready to establish new productivity.

Market partners are asking for plans to develop 10 MW additional energy capacity. Their expectations begin until 2024.

Researchers at the Qusus University of Technology (KTU) show that estimates of Lithuania's power system up to 2030 show that the country has to develop reliable and affordable local capacity.

Additionally, after 2025, the Baltic energy system operates on a transition phase with European power networks, ensures smooth functionality and reliable power supply.

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