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The life code of N.Romandrite creates joy


Examining life

At the stage of the Vineyas Small Theater, Narmodian bookshops are organized. Souli's Theater Theater opened the crew path, which is continuing in Kaunas, where Wilnice Minor is a very expensive theater.

Here she plays "master text" in the nineteenth season. Maria Kallas' character is an actor's master card. He changed his hero Nermonite was able to report the whole encyclopedia of human life.

Nironmoni's other small play was born in the small town of Vilniya. "Wait, who's staying here?" In performance Clarke, her protagonist, also called attention to the last activity of the audience from the first minute even in bed illness. British playwright Brian Clark highlights the euphemism of the play. Even the right to die is death, the heroine of my romance, to enjoy every moment and learn to live now.

It's like a black nature of life, and every time you start new activities and list them all, your skin is not enough. "Every area has mutual complement, I have nothing to do with a child of interest, I do everything with absolute devotion, I enjoy everything I do, and I'm very excited to communicate in this book", – N. Good luck.

Positive Textbook

In the series "Enmitta Literature", Enronomite, not only the lives of actors, but also the colorful characters of the people of invisible theater, the comic and the crooked.

"For me, the book itself is a good textbook, I am powerful, but I've found my books from my heroes," says actress Chronicle's unexpected play.

It takes a long time to prepare a book. Because most jobs are faced. Nijol writes them into the video cameras-all the way, the theater stories are such theaters.

"It is imperative to talk to people that they are relaxed, and then they have retired from the hearing – they are scared, and often we communicate with them at dinner without dinner." Note 9, 14 hours and 24 hours at the same time. When we got into a single actress, we had been dead for a few hours and the subsequent conversations continued, and only a small part was associated with the books, "says Narco.

When preparing for the first time, she does not know of most of her books – who's going from here? "What made you so serious, the story of a work of art and a play" – he criticizes his colleagues who think they will leave a brochure about a subject.

Nejolik is very easy now to open up to her colleagues. Stories that refuse to laugh at themselves are different. The author of the fourth book convinced me that "This is the qualities of a strong man."

Long life vitamins

In 2014, an enraged Ukrainian writer Algardaas Paulovius said: "My life is going to be long," when En Entente published his first book, "Actors, Directors, Casinos, Audience,".

He is like a good actress Grazina Balandytė, a Nijole talisman. I pledged that this commitment would be in all the stories about these art forms.

"I'm laughing that I'm trying to find a miniature called graylink called my girlfriend: her words: I put it into the fourth cover of the book:" My girlfriend, when I read your books, are the drugs that you drink. "" This is one of my favorites, I love it and respect it, "- admits the legend of the Lithuanian cinema.

With a good joke, theater conference tells the tale of wine that existed wine for a long book. In the list of the most readable libraries in 2017, the Encyclopedia book has been ranked 10th. Often, after Lithuania, a lady was preparing a reader to readers. He read a book in his library. This shows how readers feel for positive emotions.

I often ask if it is difficult to write a book. When you hear a smile, everything goes easily "says the author of a good commentary, which gives a dose of good spirits." I'm more than happy to have a person called me a day. "

Small people

According to N. Narmondoytin, one can read from any other blog. The same composition will combine: There are stories of theater circles that are hidden, but invisible, but very important playwrights.

I do not want clothes, dressers, makeup artists, stage workers and fire extinguisher to call small people – it's impossible to find jobs without any performance or fame of the actress. This does not permit, "- says this vegan to fill a panoramic mood.

Artists, cashiers, students, admirers, and the creators of the solar system have entered their horizon. Nijoli remembers the festive days of Sueleia with the greatest honor and respect, and when the tablets collapsed from their tables, they respected both the stage and the scene.

"There has not been any significant and unimportant split, in some theaters today on holidays the tables are covered by an imaginary array," says the actress who is famous in Hospitality and Dignity.

From study times, cleaners, stage workers, and casiphis were happy. "When their life began to grow more deeply, I found such depth," said Narayan, 50, to pay homage to unnamed nuns. "She was inspired by the Cashew of the Cashews Canomas Drama Theater, a caricature of Daniele Benswicke, the story of Casier, and she wrote strange questions to me and my notes were later presented to me."

Another in the new book is the command given to the roots. "The year 2019 was published in the publication of seasyeagisyan of the year, but I have only selected the book for sameajirrinikalkk, I wrote my own stories saleajivairriyilulla theater – and now I am listening to the language telsiyayil growing up, and now it is happy," raghujeasas. "Samosas are," Got Ideas Cathy bitch for an actress.

Inspire and support

How do two writers come under a house? Najol's Manu Paulius Kovas – The lecturer of the 1,000-year-old Odyssey pilot Amarelli, a lecturer, released a book entitled "How to Dry Life for a Storm".

I love the people laugh. Often we laugh along with Paul. Naturally this comes out – just jokingly, we create a feast from small things.

"Paul is the one who supports me, the first person to share the vision of my books, this is my loyal companion, we traveled through towns and villages to Lithuania's length and we traveled together with foreign litters," says Narranden. His book will be presented to Israel.

Not for tourists, but also for those who live in common people, both of them are opposed to the clash – they invite you to such trips – we do not want to be happy in the future, and we are still trying to keep the impressions of a recent visit. "We've gone through many favorable countries and these trains are the most valuable and we do not allow hotels to pay off, we're living in local places, but these people have become friends!"

Life is going on more and more through a system of neololi and policy. A friend who needs to travel in life – a smile.

"We laughed when people laugh, we are laughing often, often from the morning, it has come naturally – just jokingly, we create a dish from small things" – "DZJJ" gave it life – to create happiness.

Daily routine

* Naughty is a disastrous fisherman also mushroom, these hobbies are often reflected in her dress.

My grandfather is her grandfather, Neola.

* From Dadhi Nijoli there was a talented actor and a talented talent.

* She is modeling dresses, her design ideas are Lin, a tailoring company for many years.

* 120 lost his life and lost his life.

* Never be seen without jewelry – this is an important part of her image.

* For years, the aromatic ointment was given to Paloma Picasso. Once, they returned home until they saw the performance they did not add to them.

* Niger is a great food. Its cosmetics can not. 12 "Resources, Anchors, Great Workers – Do not a Viewers?" Book only.

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