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The Lexus sedan was introduced in the MO Museum


ME For the first time in the museum, the prototype astronomers from Lexus ESF car, Sedan, also disagreed. Will reach Europe in 2019.

The introduction of Lexus ES in Vilnius – the prototype of the new model in Lithuania was only shown a few days ago. The "European Union" model, which will be available in January 2019, is a new platform in the cabin to enhance the input and improve car management.

Lexus Vilnius, the Seventh Generation Lexus presenting the Lithuania market in 2019, says the period of the most popular and popular Lexus model in the world.

The "European Model" will have all the traditional Lexus features expected by those cars buyers, which are subject to new features, "says A. Powellolas.

Lindu's Sales Manager Mindugas Kroogenz believes. The new European Union Lithuania will be interested in: "We enjoy the opportunity to introduce the seventh Generation European Union in Lithuania, a new model in our sedan series, with the popularity of this model of the world and the new findings of car manufacturers, we believe our customers will welcome our car It's all right. "

Safe driving

The Centennial Generation Lexus ES 2018 has five stars for NCP's safety tests. The average score was 201.25 which is the NCP criteria in 2018, which can be considered the highest performance in premium grade sedans.

The new "European" development consists of an advanced security system + security system focused on security. 99 percent. Lexus models that sell in Europe have the safest security solutions in the market.

A feature of the Security System + – Pre-Hood (PCS) system is a set of security systems that include cyclists' daytime lock lock.

Unobtrusive cyclists are one of the most common reasons for the danger of automating locking systems. The ES model also has a PCS protocol that allows you to capture pedestrians on a two wheeler.

The adaptive cruise control (DRCC), front wheel drive car (Lexus co-drive) and the lane maintenance system will also have access to the security system. Along with these features, exclusive passive safety systems will be standardized with standard 10 airbags, along with Lexus IS.

Financial and vast

Four options for the new front wheel drive flat layout sedan are the most attractive hybrid engine options. The IS 300 is the fourth generation self-contained Lexus hybrid system, fuel economy and low CO2 emissions. This hybrid is a light and powerful electric motor for a 2.5 liter-cylinder petrol engine. The total power of the car is 218 HP (160 kW), while fuel consumption is 4.7 liters per 100 kilometers.

The new "ES" 65 mm. The length is 5 mm and 45 mm is more than the predecessor. The new platform and long chuck can be wheeled towards the edges of the car, thus becoming the silhouette of the model.

Good driving experience

The Lexus engineer team led by chief engineer Yasiriro Zakibir has put a special focus on rejuvenating and expanding the image of the European Union.

To achieve this goal, the new Global Architecture-K (GA) platform used to create "European Union" model, allowing this to go beyond the design of mid-sized luxury sedans. The new LSS flagship and LC Sport Cup are manufactured using the rear-wheel drive model modular platform GA-L before the front-wheel drive model.

Engineers have been able to achieve the required precaution level after designing the multifunction rear suspension and electric power steering.

Adaptive variable suspension (AVS) is used instead of dynamic control sheets in F SPORT mode.

The control of the 650 roads, like the El sports acce system, LC and L models can be maintained. Changes are based on the sensor data that measures the loads, speed of the vehicle, the angle rotating the angle and the cylinder head pressure. Cues. The information sent by the engineer is processed.

Very confused interior

The "EU" interior design is based on the concept of Lexus Futures Interiors, combining a driver seat with a wide passenger space. The driver concentrates on the layout of intelligent devices in the car.

The idea of ​​Lexus is immediately called "seat-control". Easily access all necessary information and essential driver tools. If necessary, the hands can easily attract rabbits, and if you do not press the buttons, you do not need to capture your hands from the steering wheel.

Modern systems. The navigation system is clearly visible on the larger 12.3 inch screen, all the systems can easily control the second generation remote touch controller.

Lexus Lithuania's representative offices are already receiving orders for new "ES" models. The first car buyers will arrive in 2019 and January

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