Friday , September 30 2022

The Internet of Things already exists: from Smart Mirror to one town


In most cases, it is debated as a technology that changes the theory of the internet's daily life. But today, the information about the mutually removable devices in the world is about 11 billion, some of which are like stunning pictures.

The Internet of Things already exists: from Smart Mirror to one town

For your attention – expert in the Tele 2 Innovation Bureau, Arnold Lukosius presents 4 best examples of current and running Internet.

1. "Mirror Mirror, say …"

Imagine looking at the mirror, you think of which face is the selection of the crew, and reminds of the upcoming meeting. This is a reality – not just a special gadget with intelligent manicure and controlling mirrors.

These devices are like a wall mounted computer and have their features. Display some calendars, time, air temperature and touch screen. touch screen) Other sounds can be sent via e-mail. View email, surf or videos. The combination of integrated cameras will scan certain skin scans and analyze its condition.

2. "speaking" clothes

What about their movements, health and teachings? Today's purchased online will be used in gadgets on your phone.

You can buy Bluetooth-enabled Nadi X Vapors that vibrate in clubs, knots or ankles while you want to get the best results at Yoga. Lumo body weight provides shorts with centers that measure heart rate, speed of speed and breaking speed. In France, producers Nevivio Tan maintained them – their swimsuit is to check the amount of harmful ultraviolet light at the time when the phone is stopped.

3. Smart City: Smart Indicator and Stable Lighting

Internet off activities can help not just the daily routine of individual people but also improve the performance of cities. Statistics from the Research Research and Market Analysis indicate that there are currently 355 Smart City projects in the world.

For instance, in Barcelona and street lanterns, now the city is moving only when people cross the country, and the smart bin cleaning company sends the message to fulfill. Sensors installed in car parks in London inform the driver and the Copenhagen traffic lights provide a more favorable traffic flow for system cyclists. By 2025, cities will spend $ 88 billion. Dollars

4. Other health care

The future of medicine and the Internet. Many health-care pets, and information they provide to doctors, should become more and more health care in the future.

One of the new achievements is the glucose meter that examines the patient's blood circulation and scans the sensor to wear it. This tool will help you avoid persistent malfunctions for type 1 diabetes patients. In addition, the Internet of the Things already uses medical institutions. For example, the e-Alert solution developed by Philips will monitor and monitor lifestyles and technologies from your hospital and inform you in advance.

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