Tuesday , September 27 2022

The cloud computing company will open the Terrace European branch in Vilnius


High-tech, finance, defense, cyber-netics, telecommunications and other major global companies are planning to hire dozens of local experts.

When the company's predecessor, MBI, the history of the company began in 1985 – including major Israeli data storage management and backup data solutions.

"Technicians have asked Tresco to be the most innovative, cutting-edge and advanced technologies to share their expertise in the European market, choosing to be a center for creating more professional resources in the area," said the founder and president of Teracear Michael Burke.

"The development of innovative IT projects in Central Europe, and enforcement, and to ensure the maintenance. Tirannetuppinuventiyayirunnu Lithuania – Lithuania teraskyiyute management plan, the current level of the educational system that takes into account the geographic location of the country. Kalivullavarumaya young people and IT experts in their popular Latin Terrace We firmly believe that the quality of professional services will ensure that the culture of paying anuyeajyamavukayum. "

In the initial stage of its operations, the company tries to unify the data scientists, software and IT solution architect team. Most of the local staff are with the help of Terasavi experts in Israel.

In most sensitive areas, transport solutions are used by Transport Infrastructure, Science, Finance, and more, Data based Science and Cloud Computing Technology. – Operating companies, so it is a center of greatness. On the one hand, the company's decision to establish Lithuania's first European division is dependent on the country's capabilities, and on the other it is an unusual opportunity to strengthen the computer science levels of the high-profile, "said Economist minister Virginijus Sinkevičius.

Manto Catin, general manager of "Invert in Lithuania" public company Terrassi, told Israeli technology companies that worked in Lithuania.

Cloud computing, software data centers, data protection, and many new technologies: Torreski has made extensive experience in open source platforms, couzers, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and IOT. The company is collaborating with Vimuvers, Dellmys, Red Hat, Google Cloud, AUVs, Nutinux, Roamrick, and RoReiric, which provides the latest technologies and solutions. , Nvidia, located, hashcopic, elastic, etc.

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