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Roads are trying to build more robust serpents from recycling plastics


Total plastic made in the 20th century. In the 1960s no 10% was processed. Often, the plastics are just lying on the stools. A part of the plastic coconuts extracted from the forests, from which they can reach rivers, from which – to the sea. The problem of plastic waste will be improved. For example, this year there should be around $ 380 million. Plastics of plastic plastics is three times greater than bitumen, which is widely used in the development of world roads. It produces 120 million annually. Tons.

These materials have similarities. Petroleum is made from petroleum products. Bitumin is a subtle product of oil refining. Both are polymeric – they are long molecules with strong connections. It ensures plastic strength and helps in long term. Such features are good for road users. The road to the hot, bitumin crushed stone from the crushed rocks and generates a filling, usually as it is called aspal. All of this persuaded people to think: Why did not one replace a polymer instead?

Products made in recycled plastics, such as gaskets and vessels. Now you want to use it on the road. On September 11, a 30-meter bike trail was opened in Sowlle, Netherlands. It was 70% bike ride. Replaced plastic and polypropine are left. In this category, a plastic product is developing a new product. The oil companies of the French oil and gas company Total are developing. These companies were developed by road construction company KWLs and plastic pipe maker Davin.

The plastic road is a precautionary product. Segments have been made by Delivery Factory in the sunny soils of sand. Segments will be manufactured and can be included in drainage systems, gas pipes or power lines. The Xyalo Project will have a length of 2.4 m long and 3 m wide. The center has been set up for temperature, pressure, and water levels. Gearney is on another experimental bike ride nearby.

Durable, not only, smart

Those hoping will find that if the idea fails, develop and produce the segments produced by reproducing plastics. Hiking tracks, parking spaces and railway platforms. Finally, we intend to produce segments and roads. They are equipped with sensors for traffic monitoring. In the long run, definitions of plastic roads can also be used for self-governance research as well as wireless-for-power transmission.

Companies say that canned plastic roads will be 2-3 times larger than usual. Prices will fall mainly because roads can be made three times faster. The slippery spaces, including traditional rubles, can be included in road construction. Furthermore, the old segments modified can be recycled. Engineers will monitor how to try to wear a trail, and will check whether the hole will cause a resonance that can cause too much noise.

Recycling plastics can be used in other ways – mix it with hot bitumen to produce the soil. This kind of walking will be set up at the University of California at Campus University to test a number of specially designated plastic road coding developed by British company MacRabour. According to Toby Maka art, the company founded by a group of 2015 group of colleagues, all the mixtures manufactured by plastic cancers often get into the panfet.

The MacRobour plaster cleanses and cleanses into pits or rusts. When roads are built or maintained, the project is being constructed on site, so local residents can be built from local waste. Each mixture may contain up to 20 different polymers, which can be compared to specific spheres. A mixture can be embedded on a bus line, that is, y will have more voltage over the same activity as the weight of the load, because of the cycles of the lateral forces, the tensioned surface may be lost, for example, in a traffic net. Cold, hot or cold can be applied a lot. When the water is flung out by plugging the plastic fill with small holes, the walking is reduced.

In many countries the company has used plastic mixtures for road, car park and airport runway coverage. The oldest project in the northwest of England is Kumbria Road. He needed a new cover for six months, but T. McCarthy says that two years after the plastic mix in plastic is good. When reconstructing the cover, you can re-read the old one again.

Plastics made of various polymers are clean and categorized, especially for less expensive products like packaging. T According to McCarthy, the cost of changing bitumin is effective, for example, the UK title tuft costs £ 400 per pound. For standardized roadshade, recycled plastic provides a cost of 300 to 350 pounds per tonne. Adding a mixture does not require the appropriate amount of bitumen, which can save you money. Now add 5-10% bitumen instead of add-ons, some up to 25%.

Special accessories for recycling plastic Built by McCarthy. The collected plastic waste is poured into the hole and dipped in diesel and burned to form a piece of mass. This is a weak option to contaminating the environment, but in a way the problem can be solved. Occasionally in India, broken plastic bitumen mixed in road construction.

Australian travelers and recycling plastics are also used. In the suburbs of Melbourne in Crügryn this year, over 300 square km of field was completed from the word "pool". It has been processed more than 200 times. Plastered plastic bags and packages broke into 63. 4,5 glass glass bottles used in paint. Printer bullets. After mixing all the ingredients, 50 tonnes of recycled soils have been produced and 250 tons of road was constructed. The varietal characteristics of this road are counted.

Stuart billing, construction and installation of roads in traditional markets is the only way to build roads from recycled materials. However, the road is expected to use more and more resistance to intensive traffic.

The Craigiebernay authorities estimate that the amount of waste that is not damaged in the railroad prospectt trucks has been spent over the last ten years. Local councils are likely to complain about the road condition, particularly in the pit. If they knew that homes in Australia and elsewhere would be able to travel more smooth roads, they would have to rearrange more plaster.

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