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Repeated steering is like a rainwater system


Left traffic lane drivers lose control of their vehicles or they are on the way down from the record of the most severe cases of the "Kaunas, Lithuania Transport Administration Transport Safety Supervision Department, the Transport Department's chief inspector said to odiriyas barttakus ASEAN.

In an expert opinion, drivers can easily and easily implement unnoticed and neglected driving through a slippery road.

1. Travel. In difficult driving situations, the driver must be alert and focused on what's happening in other areas.

2. Fungus cleanliness. During the summer, when you are surrounded by dusty roads, you will be filled with dirt and dust. The driver does not know this, and when it starts in the soil, dirt visualization may be inaccurate.

3. Tire is located. It should be regularly checked to ensure that the tire manufacturers follow the recommendations. The tire's treading helps to deepen the water.

"The roads on roads and roads are very dangerous during the rainy season, the tire will lose street traffic and the car will be uncontrollable. Bartecus emphasizes.

According to an expert opinion, the formation of water vennel is determined by various factors: speed speed, tire tread, tire pressure, road surface and road geometry. More weary tires, T. It's not just a deep-paced pattern, it's to remove excess water. The impact of collision between the tires and the road is rising.

Traffic condition. Associate photo

Traffic condition. Associate photo

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4. Cruise Control System. This system automatically controls the speed of the vehicle. You will lose car control when using the cruise control system in the rain. Maintaining a steady speed of running a permanent speed mechanism helps in increasing the risk of water.

Window decoration. Covered windows should be avoided because windows are corrupted. Airfans turn on and present airflow to Windows. Many automotive systems are designed to operate correctly on the turnaround. When you turn off the system, the windows will be reopened.

It is important to focus on cabin filters. This is one of the main reasons for car returns, but unchanged, the internal reversal of the window. Air connectivity does not work properly.

Excessive moisture or moist cloth can cause Windows's focus on the scattered clothes (if sitting in the rainy season).

6. Window Cleaner. Rubber handloom blades collect and wearing dirt so that window cleaners will have to be periodically changed, so they will not wear, and you will see better in the rain. If you do not rotate in the car garage, it's ideal to change regularly.

7. Secure speed. All the above steps have been taken, but the speed of the rains is important. While driving on a wet-slip road, you need to keep track of the users on the other road, the other car will lose control at any time, or you can take a safe distance without walking anytime.

8. Hand position. Both hands should be in steering house (9, 3 pm). You give quick control, if you suddenly need to rotate the steering wheel or respond to unexpected conditions on the road.

9. Park a car. If you do not see the car in front of the car or if the car control gets complicated, stop it and wait until it gets worse.

10. Safe range. It is best to keep your car and the front of the car in a safe distance, increasing the distance in the rainy season.

"The safest distance is half a meter in meters, and if the driver is 90 kms, the distance to the front of the car is 45 meters, which will take longer to stop the car's long distances, and avoid the road from danger." Burketus says.

The small flow of water will cross your vehicle because the vehicle is farther away and the road will go further.

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