Sunday , July 3 2022

Prostate Cancer Month: Inviting the public to engage in active activities


It is intended to prevent prostate cancer not only in Lithuania but in Europe as well as throughout Europe. This year, three men's mates were added together. The problem of men was growing and citizens as prostate cancer careers. "Uva Runway" in the November month, which will be the men's only men.

The prostate cancer in Europe is treating 450,000 people. The number of symptoms found in men's lithuania is up to 500. In the early stages clustering does not show any obvious symptoms, so encourages men to test prostate specific antigen (PSA) test.

According to Paul's Rexus, a Society of Prostate Cancer, a prostate cancer diagnosis of adolescence is very young. Therefore, older ones should be concerned about their health.

"It was necessary to check if 50-year-old was diagnosed with this disease, and today, prostate cancer research must have been in existence for more than 40 years, especially if the family has cancer. Rakštys says.

Various projects are organized to encourage PSA testing every year in November. Various activities are organized to speak loudly about prostate cancer and promote their health care to care for their loved ones.

Three organizations, such as Prostate Cancer Society, Bearded November and US Vikasamy, have been trying to raise awareness about prostate cancer prevention this year.

Over the ninth consecutive year when the fourth consecutive year ended, more than 100 people participated as an annual tradition.

"In March, all the wrecks ended, and people were moving less and we were trying to run the last Sunday of the month, which is a good time to grow rabbits and mustache." If you take time to participate in this event, you can visit the doctor the next hour, "says Modus Basis, one of the organizers of the Yusuf's Ring.

Interest in this program grows every year. This year's commute is celebrated on November 25 at the Botanical Garde at the University of Vilnius. This will attract 500 people. Pharmaceutical companies Ipsen and Sanofis have sponsored this venture.

Not only men, women and children receive an invitation to the "Euphrunning" program. "We are waiting for everyone who spreads a message about preventing prostate cancer in their cousins' circle, and women and children can encourage their family to researchers," Basis says.

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