Wednesday , March 22 2023

Prostate Cancer: Lituania's condition is only increasing in every fourth human examiner


November is known as "bearded November" (or "mower") globally, while promoting men to prostate cancer. The initiative is initiated in partnership with the Cancer Limited Society (LSPVD) and Barzadai Club, which promotes State Livestock Fund (VLK), the Protease Cancer Center for Health Care, invited to attend the Protein Cancer prevention program free of charge.

"In the 10 months of this year, more than 84,000 people have undergone a prostate cancer prevention program as per the compulsory health insurance fund (PSFF), which is 374 thousand in men who were diagnosed with liver survival in the age group of Protected Cancer. In Lithuania and in the European Union The most dangerous conditions usanmarum strikalumatannunna prostate cancer. The annual growth factors. Soon, we were not really about the men in their family doctor as soon as possible and contact pariseadhikkateyum their health, "the chief of the service, called VLK of the inspection and control of the Department. Special Oksana Burokiene.

Prostate cancer is very weak. Because there are no symptoms in the early stages of the patients, and when they occur, the disease is already rising. Cancer is very easy to detect. Therefore, the diagnostic fund is preparing a program to prevent prostate cancer preventing the disease as soon as possible. Only 2.3 million people this year were allowed this year. In the PSDF budget.

Men and women aged 50 to 69 will attend the program. If their parents or brother are old to 45 years of age from prostate cancer and if the husband is not the age of a programmer then immediately contact your GP if he has a complaint about his health.

"As far as women are concerned about the health of human being, men are more confident that courage, often more of a friendship, community and knowledge are needed and they will recognize the health and life experiments that are tested for their health and lives, except for the family," said Barzadai Club Waldas President He says.

VLK to fear prostate cancer research When checking blood in blood tests, blood levels of prostate specific antigen (PSA) are shown in the blood. In the limits of PSA, the patient is healthy and if he highlights GP sends advice from a doctor. Treatment only begins when the urologist is diagnosed with the diagnosis to diagnose the diagnosis.

Cancer Registrations Now Remind Patients 4 Cancer prevention programs can be tested free of charge in Lithuania – prostate, colon cancer, cervix and breast. Also, the PSDF Fund is a heartbeat program.

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