Tuesday , March 28 2023

Modus Group distributed 8 million. Euro Bond Issue Business


The issuance of the bonds was planned in two phases but the full three-year issue was issued in the first period after receiving high interest rates from investors.

“This is the third bond issue at the group level, so we already have our own circle of investors,” said Erica Zakarowskien, CFO, Modus Group.

The bonds were bought by more than 100 private and institutional investors. The bonds were issued by Šiaulių bankas.

The new issue is intended to refinance the previous one, another 3 million. Euro will invest in renewable energy projects and the development of the mobility business.

The newly issued bonds of the group of companies will be incorporated into the “First North”, an alternative securities market ruled by Nasdaq Vilnius.

In 2019, the group invested 136 million LTL renewable energy projects in Europe. 21 million euros for sustainable mobility business. Euro.

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