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Five members from the Liberal Movement


Climate changes in the liberal movement. Last week, mayor Vaibault's officially announced the retirement of Grubialapas. Members of the committee are Vice Mayor Juditha Simononte, Council members Arvidas Secialis, Vidya Siviene, Widmantas Plakies and former deputy director Elida Mandula.

Members who come from the party in current liberal missions see Bossim and Populism. This is one of the main reasons for leaving. It is against other liberal cities in the harbor.

Some are shaking, others are left

"This section has chosen a long path, so I do not want to participate in such a process, and it's a city that's waiting for decisive decisions for all citizens of the city". This decision is not easy, I'm not going to avoid the possibility of applying for the Vytautas Grubliausk election committee. I will choose this path, "V. Lavlin, Council member," West Express ".

SOLUTION decided to withdraw from the Clippeed Liberals and adopted the council member, Wydia Zwick. The possibility of applying for Mayor Vytautas Grubliauskas Electoral Committee will not be excluded. Photo by editorial archive

Elly Mandalova, deputy director of the municipality of ClePe, has not yet solved his own futures. He has also asked for removal from the liberal movement.

"I think one of the strongest candidate for the seat is" Whitafus Grubiaz ". This decision has grown long ago, my comment is liberal, the liberals reach the popular path and do not protect their values. Not only the Kleppada district, it may have influenced the election competition, "said E. Mandela, a racket in the Kilpauda University.

Mayor V. Support for grublyasios was shown by the Vice-Chairman of the Arduous Salcus. But he was not different in many ways in abandoning the Liberal ranks of Klaipeda.

"I do not change the culprit, but I am supporting Vitautus Grublyasia as mayor of the city, and I am the best candidate to prepare these positions from existing candidates." I can not tell you when I am a party member to burn it in a democratic way, "said A. Schulz

The vice speaker was a Selimas member and Mayor Cimon's Gentileles was nominated by Claibia Liberals nominated in such a speech. Asked whether the deputy mayor was actually a liberal.

"Everyone has the right to their opinion but if you're behind you are a bit strange, you are going to vote for another party, and then I personally have my opinion on Art Urs Skucka, and sometimes I will tell her.

Art Urus Salcas has recently spoken of anti-liberal issues, condemned the industry and was humiliated by him. Sometimes a party seems to be in that party. The city's mayor can not say that this is the most insult to Klaipeda's business and ports … The most expert in history in Lithuania, "S Giantillas taught his position.

The new ones will be replaced

Schuyus Budinus, Executive Director of the Municipality of Kilpauda Municipality said that some colleagues were willing to give up liberals in the port city. He assured that there are many members of the unit.

"People choose their own way, they are there, and I hope everyone will continue to be generous in their lives, and withdrawing six people is not a fault" – S.

The report says that 5-6 more will be given to the Kilpauda liberal movement. Gentleillus has been assured. On Monday, a fresh candidate was nominated by Neranga Pucca, chairperson of the Union Clippea Department of the Limerick Artist.

"When new people come, the Liberal Movement is resuming, unfortunately, they have decided not to support some old liberals with their young and their possibilities, but they have decided to continue their self-improvement." The next one will introduce a person in September next, "- assured S.

A meeting was held

The clippeed liber is the cry for the change. Gentilevas had met on Monday. It is necessary to clarify why members are recognized and why they should be recognized.

One such issue was the idea of ​​the city's general plan, which had to be decided at the Council meeting today. Anyway, no decision or decision will have a council or decision today, so the matter has been rescheduled. The council will discuss until November 29-30.

There is difference of opinion about the problems in Clipada's liberals. Gondillas' member was not concealed.

"The desire to survive and work on the work we have planned, the revolutionaries do not want to change, we try to work together, we discuss the general plan of KlyPadda, a camp that advocates a speedy reception, and another camp requires a discussion". The Gentleillus said.

However, Claude's liberal group member V. According to Rwinius, unanimous liberal S. The Gentleillus raised two conditions. Kilpauda refused to change the general plan and canceled the Kilpada Marquee investigation.

"These two terms of Simmons will not be supported, and we are committed to being in one category," said V.

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