Wednesday , October 5 2022

Dropout: One-third of people need to go from agriculture


"Agriculture has always uyarccayilayirunnu. Working in agriculture, 30% of the freedom purttiyayatinusesavum., An intensive workers in the agricultural sector, the agricultural sector will not be able to survive longer. Livestock breeding should be encouraged, it is a traditional branch of Lithuania, the crop is more labor penal ulppadippikkunnatinekkal Ikkunnu, "-" the knowledge of the radio "program" the position ", said on Wednesday.

The issue of agrarian centralism in the Sijj is allegedly raised by a group of opposition MPs led by Yarsi Rasmos. V. According to Prunicquez, in Lithuania, as in other parts of the world, there is an opposition to the position and the opposition. But there is a general interest in this matter. The seminar speaker has to answer the questions about the density and agrarian issues of the people.

"I think this commission is too late, and we have started to analyze these issues in June, and we have all the questions we have, the question in question and the questions of land use," Pranckietis said.

Planning Commission members are planning to end the study by end of the year with the focus of the farming sector in the fodder sector. Research Guide Conservative J. That's Rosa.

The proposal for inquiry into the situation in the agriculture sector will be considered before the Commission Committee on Rural Affairs will be reviewed earlier.

This committee received such a job from the semester on November 1. After the exhibition, for the study of agriculture, the Lithuanian Peasant and Green Alliance approved the proposal of former Agriculture Minister Bronius Marcuskas. The Seemas Committee of Rural Areas are advised to conduct such a study.

Chairman of the Seemas Committee of the Department of Rural Affairs Andrzej Stanzakis does not agree to commission this committee.

He has registered a proposal in the Secretariat of Seema City on November 7th, and plans to study the Seismo Committee of the Rural Affairs Department, particularly the Temporary Committee on Investigation.

If the semester is approved, 12 seminars will work on the semisas provisional investigation commission and will explain the situation in agriculture. The commission should be formulated based on the principle of proportional representation of Seimas categories.

The draft resolution proposes to investigate and evaluate control of another farmland from 1991 to 2016.

If semester is approved, the study of agriculture will be investigated by 2019 and suggested to the cinemas. October 1

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