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Artist Leimius Loucherius dies Culture


Born in Bursai in 1952, the artist graduated from the Lithuania Art Institute (now Wilson Academy of Fine Arts). Several years later, he studied at the Leningrad Art Academy (St. Petersburg).

1960s L. Participated in the Lohar exhibition. In Williams, Memorial decorative works were created for cafés in cafes. The dress was displayed as a junior and displayed at the World Exhibition.

The older generation L. Locheris, who now remembers the "Nykštukas" cafe of the primary children, now closed Capital Capital "Tauras" and his memorials, still find Crane Plaza Hotels (formerly "Draguges"), "Neringa". The world of art, especially the L. Lahar's foundation "Emerth Oak" and "This Voice of the Dainies" are valued.

"Transparent openings of drawing, free configurations, clean and luminous area colors create a beautiful and moody lightweight L. Ločeris colorful drawings of cafe," Neringa " All of them are depicted ", writer Gidra Jangivi Wrote in Utah.

The creator has bass reliefs, sculptures in Duruzinki, Nida, ukraine, whirlpool, and other cafés. The artist used the metal, concrete, and wood. The writings of the monumental, flat and decorative forms are motion, dynamics, and intensity.

In 1987 L. C. He went to Canada for three and a half years in Hamilton. At the same time, L. Lohar said he was the most difficult and perspective of his life. Although he had worked successfully in private educational institutions, he had always dreamed to return to Lithuania, although he was working as a creative person.

After the liberation of Lithuania, the artist returned to his homeland. He then went to the Academy of Fine Art. Later he became a doctor.

L. Lahar will be struck on the hills of the Antalanenis Cemetery Artists in Vilnius.

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