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A spacious celestial body scientist has found a 600 trillion sunshine


Scientists have discovered a vibrating satellite of the remote galaxy. The earliest record of the earliest known objects of the universe is shining like the 600 trillion Sun. The researchers found that the telescope's illumination of the telescope strengthened by setting up a black hole-a proportional galaxy.

In the early years of the history of the history of galaxies, 12.8 billion light years have been produced in the heart of the galaxy, and in the recession period of the period when Curbs, stars and galaxies were burning in the neutral space hydrogen. Researchers announced the winter session of the American Astronomical Society in Seattle.

"We've been looking for a long time ago," researcher Xiaohui Fan of Arizona University said in a Hubble Space Telescope report. "We do not expect too many quesars in the visual universe!"

The powerful astronomical telescopes found in the Hubble Space Telescope have also collected the astronomical J043947.08 + 163415.7. The supermassive black hole gives the effect of the quaser: The material of the gas-surrounding gas disk drops in and increases the radiation of wavelengths. Maybe the universe is over a billion years old and may have shifted to the Quasar, but that light is only now on earth. More energy than the sun is hundreds of times more than a black hole.

Even if there is such brightness, the crescent is not a coincidence, but it is no coincidence. The galaxies between the Earth and the Quasrass Gravitational lens are surrounded by a galaxy surrounded by a galaxy around the galaxy. We see a bigger picture: the quasor triangle is high and 80 times weaker. The researchers report in the report. The reason for the ultra-long quasars is the galaxy that is caused by gravitational lensing.

This distant era of history will generate more than 10,000 stars for a further exploration of the Crisis. It forms our today's visible universe. More telescopes join in searches

"The discovery is amazing and important, and we thought this lens was a very common phenomenon in the early universe, but it was the first to find out," says Yale University researcher Fabio Pacaci, a co-author of this work, a key writer in the kick observatory. . "We give instructions on how to make fantasy quesers – they still can not be found.

"Our theoretical research predicts that futus quasars can not be seen as an important part," Pascism added. "If they're so much, we can understand what has happened after the Great Bombs Revolution, and may change the popularity of this cosmic majority."

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