Tuesday , March 21 2023

Video Effect on the Faddy Adress reveals the fight against the disease: "I'm Dead"


Fadia Adradas, who has been suffering from pain for more than four years, has described a short video footage of the pain in his heart and forced him to do surgery last year.

Andrew's sick travel started in 2014. There he had heart problems at medical examination. Aibrez valve, which distributes blood to all parts of the heart, has prompted the "open heart" a year before, even if it develops.

He thought he would not give up when he learned about sickness, but stronger, he summed up a video that he escaped from a painting, and began to think about himself when he tried to overcome him: "I'm alive … you'll probably die a moment".

"I'm alive, I'm a fighter, and I'm a believer."

In the Lebanese era during the war with actor George Chaloo, Mr. Habeebi Al Ladhi & # 39; (Habeebi al-aldada), a young actor is participating in the film.

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