Wednesday , March 22 2023

To fight against obesity, fast food and sweets should be removed to important places


70% of food and drinks have been warned in high fat, sugar, salt shops, supermarkets and supermarkets for removing junk food from shopping entrances and waste. It is difficult to find, health authorities say.

Junk food, wash desserts
Junk food, wash desserts

Chocolate, chips, and cakes are encouraged to buy more and more in major areas, which can cause obesity.

In some shops, healthy fruits and vegetables are just 1%.

Britain's public health offers five fruits and vegetables everyday. It is a third part of our food.

Cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease will increase.

The government hopes to promote junk food as part of strategy to avoid obesity during childhood.

In order to create a healthy environment for families in the country, it is important to create employment because the physical networks or shops in shops are displayed in the outward corridors of the corridors of the corridors.

"Some of the supermarkets seem to take positive measures to reduce the places that promote unhealthy foods, unhealthy families and shopping bhaksanapadarthannalute to limit the quality of the decisions from the major supermarkets bhaksanapadarthannalil health, the World Health Organization (WHO) call of the government The hill. "He said.

Fast food mode is hidden from the customer's eyes
Fast food mode is hidden from the customer's eyes

Bryonic Sinclair of the Cancer Research Fund of the World said: "Bioone Sinclair of the World Cancer Research Fund said that the food and drinks are unacceptable." The fat foods disappear because the last time is to attract shoppers to make unhealthy decisions and "dangerous"

A small child has more sugar than a daily meal. Eating more sugar can lead to weight gain and decrease in weight loss. It increases 12 different types of cancer diseases.

"People would like to buy a variety of supermarket items," said Christopher Snowden, institute of economic affairs, "the chocolate designs like chocolate in the supermarket do not. "The top shelf of pizza," risk "next to young people and children.

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