Wednesday , March 22 2023

These groups affect influenza in the winter


Jordan 24 –

Influenza causes many people to experience viral infections, whether it is a virus, throat, lung or nose, or generally affects the upper lungs system, influenza is active during and after the weather changes, and symptoms increase body temperature, cough and pain.
In a report published on the May Clinic Medical site, influenzae, groups of patients who have been infected, their health, age, or any other aspect of other influencing factors include prevention, influenza symptoms, and infections of the infection, particularly winter.

The most weaker groups are:

Older people over age 65 will suffer influenza.

Children who do not reach the age of five years of age and the second year of age.

Pregnant women are more likely to have infections and postmasters.

For those who suffer from weakness and resistance to bone and immune system.

One person is subjected to injury due to excess weight gain.

Influenza is more susceptible to any disease affecting diabetes.

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