Wednesday , March 22 2023

Shepherd visits a number of Vatican's mosque mosques: We hope to form a government


Metropolitan of the Mar Thoma Orthodox Church, Mar Bisra Boutos visited the Patriarch of the Marriott Church of the Church. There he visited the church congregation with Leonardo Sandry. He met in the presence of Archbishop Sir Vasil and Archbishop Monzignor Lawrenceso and Lou Rooseau.

At the start of the meeting, shepherd was a shepherd, delivered a lecture about the bishops' bishops, the bishops, and the bishops. "I am greeting you and welcome and I am a special symbol of the Congregation Meeting of the Congregation of the Congregation of the Congregations: We come from different parts of the world, our people's concerns and wishes are with us and call and call our world's Marinite Church in Lebanon."

"We celebrate our favorite Lebanese Independence Day on this occasion, and we hope that the crisis can overcome this issue in the message, and we hope that the new government will be able to withstand the challenges we have started," he added.

He said thanking the Eastern Churches for all the services of the Sanatan. He then circulated the Cardinal Sandrian report to the personality of the Marxist Church, the Maronites in Lebanon and the challenges confronting Lebanon and the Middle East.

He welcomed the delegation of Santi Sponsor and his followers, saying: "The Mariate Church welcomes its home, because the identity of this complexion is found in the service of the Eastern Churches." He said: "Today we have three great Catholic Church, the Church receives and mareanirr, mareanairr Church. Because, a person of the Holy Synod of the Holy Father blessed the large anandaman brought to you. This is the greatness of the Holy Father in the unity of the church represents a great contribution to. The Middle East, especially in the vertical Anile suffering, including suffering of your people, about the consequences of the war, and weight into a side room, and the children of immigrants.

He said: "We appreciate the Maronite Church and its sponsors for their work and service with the expansion in Lebanon and the University of the university."

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