Monday , July 4 2022

Salma Rachhade criticizes her fault in the National Anthem


Cairo – Sarah Ibrahim

Moroccan playback singer Salma Rachitch criticized audiences in Morocco. During the exhibition at Lahore in Green March, Morocco sang the National Anthem.

Mouron's artist apologized and said that when she told her not to apologize for what she had done, she denied that she would not be wrong with the song. If, for the first time, she did not do it wrong, my brothers,

Thank God to the masks that some people publicly declared, "I never expected of them … they thought they were my friends and they do not see me." I did not think it was good, but I knew that you were waiting for me with me to attack all the love and respect instead of directly contacting me directly to attack me (advise before public scandal).

"I am more powerful now than ever, and I tell you that my success will grow even more, not my pride, my voice, my abilities, my republican support.

I thank those who apologize for my mistakes, I thank the people of Morocco, and I am your daughter and sister.

"My country, my country, my country, my royal power, my millionaires, everything in this country, I am jealous of you, your sister Salma Rashid."

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