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Qatar's request for two important meetings in Qatar is amazing

The Arab League summoned a meeting of the Salim Bin Abdul Aziz in Saudi Arabia on the sidelines of the Gulf Summit on May 30.

Cairo – Sputnik. On May 19, 2019, two holy mosques were invited to the Arab leaders to perform an Arab summit in Mecca. To investigate attacks against the United Arab Emirates, the waters of the ships, huti sayudhannalum supported the terrorists who attacked two oil pumping srresanukalkkumel from Iran to face a strong impact on the sustainability of the country's regional and international peace and security and distribution of the world's oil markets, and try Basis. "

Qatar had announced an invitation to attend the Gulf Arab Emergency Summit, which was held on May 30 by Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz.

Qatar still stayed away from Afghanistan. Qatar Foreign Office's Director Ahmed bin Saeed al-Rumaihi said the invitation was not accepted for the two sessions. This was quoted by External Affairs Minister Sultan bin Saad Al Khadi.

Salman bin Abdul Aziz called on May 30, Gulf News and Arab leaders in an emergency meeting.

The Saudi Foreign Ministry said that the Saudi Arabian delegation met with the Saudi Foreign Minister to discuss the violence in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

According to official sources of Saudi exile agency (SPA), an official source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. "Salman is concerned, the king of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Arab states of the League of Arab states to collaborate, and to increase security and stability in the region, the United Arab Emirates on the sea in ships, two oil pumping stations in Iran-backed terrorist attacks and hutiyile organizations and activities, regional and international peace and peace Raksitatvavum the world oil market and oil supply and sustainable pratyaghatannaluman attack. Takes the Arab Gulf, Saudi Arabia, on May 30, 2019, the leaders of the Arab countries of the Arab summit. Territory of the attacks and their implications will be discussed.

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