Tuesday , March 21 2023

Kuwait and Syria face face to face


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Bahrain had withdrawn from the decision to boycott the demonstration in Bahrain on Thursday evening. But due to lack of space, due to the lack of space, Bahrain has been alarmed by state agencies for fear of heavy rains in the country last week.

Kuwaiti team led by Croatia coach Royo Jose 4th Lebanon was striking 2-2 with a 2-2 draw. This is the defeat of four defeats against Australia.

Goalkeepers Khalid Al Rashidi, Gazi al-Fahidi and midfielder Talal al-Fadl have been chosen as the 28th man.

The team's training program was suspended by Bahrain after Qatar midfielder Fahad Al-Anisi was injured. The surgery has been stopped within three months after surgery.

The Syrian team are preparing for the Asian Cup in Group B. There were two training sessions in Kuwait, two Asian Cups organized by Australia, Jordan and Palestine.

Al-Hilal striker Omar Khrilin is expected to miss the German Eagles coach Bernd Stang and South National Striker Omar al-Suma in the last eight matches of the tournament. He succeeded in defeating five defeats and two defeats.

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