Wednesday , March 22 2023

Haifa of Dubai Dance and Singing


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Haifa Weehube, a new Lebanese artist, has been reconstituted in Dubai.

Haifa Weheb, a number of critics in the first concert at Gmpsut expressed very little criticism. Only in colors appearing on the occasion were presented in a different way at the ceremony he was reading at the same venue.

The pioneers who introduced them from Egyptian feminist Shaban Abdul Raheem's criticisms of Haifa Weehb's second concert was criticized.

At this ceremony, Lebanese singer introduced many of her songs, especially the songs of her last album, Hawa. They also performed their old songs through a great deal of audience participation.

Haifa Wehb was present at the ceremony with his young manager Mohammed Al-Wassiri.

Not only the contours of Haifa, but dance songs all of her songs dance together, they have recently become common in all the concerts.

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