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Barcelona prepared the "B" plan. Who will succeed?

Ernesto Walworth is in charge of management of the team as Barcelona defeated Barcelona to win the Champions League final and win the King's Cup title.

The club's president Josep Maria Bartomeo and many Argentine players Lionel Messi and Walworth were among those who supported the event.

"The Barcelona team is preparing to leave the team team."

Valverda's successor may be Roberto Martínas, the coach of Belgium.

The main goal of the game is to let loose mortetes.

Two other names are Dutchman Ronald Keeman and Eric Tin Hag.

Defeated Valencia in the Kings Cup final and was called to Barcelona's Emergency Board Meeting.

Messi has been beaten by Liverpool in the Champions League semi-final semi-final.

Messi's remarks before entering the team, he said, "can do a great job," and he raised the voice of Ernesto voicing for the departure of Velvard.

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