Friday , September 30 2022

At the top of the fourth stage … Beirut hurts two athletes twice a day


The Beirut team needs two hours to get the 100-95 victory in a Bayen match in the Lebanese Basketball Championship in Lebanese basketball.

By the end of the third quarter Beirut reached 61-50 in the final of the third season. That was 76-74.

Beyrout equaled the score 76-76, with 87-87 in the second innings.

Indian Cristian Croftard scored 27 points, 11 rounds and 12 assists for the Beatrace, and his first appearance in the Moroccan Moussa Abdallah Alim Lebanese League was 6 behind the tournament, after the World Cup final ended.

American Laurence Mark Lions and Egyptian Ismail Ahamed combined with 28 points, followed by Prvenor Saud, 13 points and six assists. Beirut's third successive win is the seventh spot. As well.

In November, Lebanese team will be participating in a training camp in South Korea and China. The Lebanon team has been suspended for a further month in the Asian World Cup qualifiers for China next year.

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