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«An-Nahara» .. Cairo Anshas summit summoned May 28, 1946

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On May 29, 1941, British Foreign Minister Anthony Eden delivered a speech entitled: "There have been great advances since the Arab World War II migration, the cultural, economic and political relations between Arabs and the Arab countries." On February 24, 1943, the British Government House Eden came back to declare at the Commons. The British had "expressed solidarity with the Arabs, and all the motions aimed at the attainment of their economic, cultural and political unity." Copper Lebanese, not Syrian Prime Minister held a meeting of the National Jamie meardamum to strengthen the relationship between the Arab countries and the Arab block bisara al khariyumayi the idea of ​​founding a university Kieron Arab League to discuss the idea of ​​starting up for the first time with such clarity. It will explore the Arab government's views on the issues of the UN and organize a conference for discussions.

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The series of discussions began in Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Yemen began on September 25, 1944 and was approved by the League of Arab States as a League of Nations. A committee was constituted on the establishment of the League of Arab States. A committee was formed to prepare a draft of the Council of the League. Delegates participated in the Code signed a protocol on October 7, 1944. Arab League of the Charter on March 22, 1945

On May 28, 1946, representatives of the seven Arab states (Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Iraq) met in Anshah to discuss the Palestinian issue in accordance with the League of Arab League. Who are ready to uphold Palestine's independence? Central party problem has arisen in all 30 assemblies.

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