Tuesday , July 5 2022

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On November 18, 1918, Latvia announced the Latina American Republican Museum of History and Navigation's vast color photograph of VATi Rydenscikis, from November 8 to December 2.

The only image made by Latvia's historical moment is the fixed frame of Vela Redejina's photographer – the Latvia Republic announcement at today's Latvian National Theater (second in Riga City Theater). Let's look at pictures of the notes and times of people who created and created Latvia. During the anniversary of the country of Latvia, a photo, which has not turned into a symbol of Latvia's Declaration of Independence, is displayed for the exhibition. Latvia's rulership is carefully kept in the museum's special protection zone. The Riga History and Navigation Museum preserves a large format photograph and a glass plate photonie. The vast large color film (119×158 cm), Vils Rīdzenieks was a cinematographer in the early twentieth century. With the help of colorful retouching, the master highlights the main characters and the Latvian red-white flag, and the effect of the Black & White Company has been made. For many years, the Photomaster's workshop is a beautiful window shop decorated on Photo Wall Street. During the colonial period, & # 39; Wiley Raidenesis & # 39; It was hidden by the family. Latvia saw the photo light on the Latvia Time Show in 1989, 49 years after the third revival of the Latvian people. The courage and function of photographer Gunars Janashas was crucial to these events in order to attest to the valuable testimony of the Latin American people. All deposits in the museum were kept. Photographer Riggenxxx's wife Olga Gorge gave the unique photography for the Reggae Music of History and Navigation and gave her negative money. It is not yet clear why Willis Widinsnex (1884-1962), the sole photographer who participated in the declaration of the Llev State. Similarly, due to the damage of the situation, he made a photoization on that event and created only clear evidence. There are speculators and usual versions – Photography – the only sight eyewitness.

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