Tuesday , March 28 2023

The missing person in jackballs is a teenager who is interested in hobo


Photo: LETA / Eva Lenish

The investigation team said Yulis Ēriks was missing after the 2004 Jakebill's branch in the Regional Office of the Regional Office of the SEP.

A teenager abandoned his residence on November 5, 2018, at Lobby Street, Jebbpils. Unknown to this somewhere unknown. Drug may be possible.

A black colored cat with a white label, black athletic pants, sports jacket and footwear for sports shoes.

Signs: height of 160 cm, dull flesh, hair – small, light.

If anyone in this image or any other information knows any location of the youth, please contact us at 65202600, 65202609 or 110 or nearby police station.

Jacobins Jr. Jrinsky's is missing in Jacob.

Photo: State Police

Photo: State Police


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