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The levitation team ends with the league season. Visit of Andorra does not work in the reggae


Latvian Football Team,
Latvia players choose Kazakhstan's rival Devils Rochela's goal
Photo: LFF

Latvia national football team Today, according to the framework of the UEFA League of Nations, they describe the final competition Andoron has read.

The first section of the League of Nations division div in Andorra will start afternoon. 19:00 However, the game Live TV 6 TV6 will be broadcasting.

Latvia did not succeed in taking part in the UEFA League of Nations. In September they lost 0: 0 and 0: 0. But in October they defeated Kazhakistan players.

On the other hand Latvia will play again 1: 1 Kazakhstan. In this game they will win Dennis Rackle's first goals.

Meanwhile, Andorca and Kazakhstan's opponents failed after drawing 0: 3, 0: 4. In the last Andorra, unexpected fight 1: 1.

Andrew Red cards have earned five or six, and this team runs a "dirty" football, a lot of simulations, time delay, aggressive competition.

Georgia has 13 points in the five matches. Kazakhstan, Latvia and Andorra have made three points with six points.

George has already won the group. Next year, in the first division of D. Division, a road map can be competing for the 2020 European Championship finals.

Head coach Michael Pattilline is a team comprising Goal Keeper Robert Osol, Antony Chernomoreth and Acekia Saveljev.

Earlier, the deceased had said that footballers with minor injuries were involved. Midfielder Alexander Ferrova's midfielder Igor Tarsov has recently included a player from the squad. However, in the family background, Vladimir Camus does not go to Astana.

Compared to the previous parliamentary term, Waldzlav Gavov, midfielder Vladimir Kamesh and striker Roberts Inrzezis did not participate in this debate. Instead, the opponents Jindes Freemanes, Alexander Solowev, and midfielder Ivan Lukuyenov and the attacker Vadilslav Gatkowski have not included this time.

The dual artificial cover area against Andorra will take place, and therefore the newly founded foundation for the football club "Jelgava" has been chosen as a training ground for Latina team. The fight against Kazakhstan was done in artificial protection.

In the FIFA rankings, Ksakistan has 117 points and Latvia 132th, while Andorra holds the fourth position.

The UEFA is divided into four parts of the League of Nations rankings. Latvia has four teams each with 4 innovations to overturn two leptop tournaments in their weak player or division division. The winners of the group will also find the best team in a footnote division in the 2020 European Championship final.

The European Championships in 2020 will also begin in March 2014. This time, the 24-member European Championship finalist will be held in 13 countries soon, so no host country will receive an automatic token.

20 teams will qualify for the Group Tournament. The other four teams have won the League of Nations title. In each division, four great teams will participate, and the way to European championship will be successful. It is clear that at least one section from Division D will enter the final.

Under the Latin Football Football League, this year, dramatic changes have taken place. Caspers Gorge became the president of the Latin Football Federation (LFF) in May. Gundy Index and longtime leader Imdis Puckensx was transferred to the General Menix position. Instead, Mikeus Pataliayan's son, founded by Alexander Starkov, became the head of Latvia State Unit in spring.

The match ended up with Patilline until the end of the UAE League. In the top of the group of Latin America group, the contract will be extended until the end of the 2020 European Championship Qualification Tournament.

In the league football team list comprising Kazakhstan and Andorra,

Goalkeepers – André van (Zürich, Switzerland), Guardian Steinburg (Podnini's Jedinia ark, Poland), Kaspersky's (RS), Robert Osols ("Riga");

Guards Anton Craigin, Anthony Chernomolld, Vlsslate Gaoov (all "reggae"), Vitori Maximenko (Lublījana "Olympia", Slovenia), Marcus Oz Nashales james, Switzerland);

Midway Vladimir Kamesh ("Lepija" / "Mogo"), Igor Tarasov (Volkla "Slack", Poland); Andrejas Sijikis (Leuves Combo, Netherlands), Alexis Sewell (Heles Verona, Italy), Vladimir Kamesh

Attackers – Davis Ignaciox (Jablonek, Czech Republic), Arthur Cassazar (Orall Akhakik, Kazakhstan), Roberts Inriesez ("Sion", "Sion", "Policar" Switzerland).

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