Tuesday , March 21 2023

The first container train from Seagull arrives at Reggae


Container trains from China's cyan city.

Container trains from China's cyan city.

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The first container from the Chinese city Cicci arrived at Riga Port. The Shipping Ship of Xiang International Trade & Logistics Park and Shipping of 1000 Cargo, and the first train structure of the commuter train on the commuter train is Minsk-Riga.

Two months after the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with Qiung International Trade and Logistics Park in Lewis Erwins Berzins, President of Latin Railway, Rheki sent the RJ to Rija. Road construction continues to Germany and Finland ports.

LDz president e. Bersins: "We will enter the state two days after the first container ship from Latvia celebrate its centenary. This is an important anniversary, siyann ​​fast-growing economy. Participants with an estimated potential of our capabilities, we are only 12 hours in a train purappetarullu successfully nitikariccittunt, Latvia region. Belarus Railway Our sanyuktapad'dhati screen, carakkugatagatavakupp Minsk-Rica, has already proved the potential of the various joint carakkugatagatattil, long-distance traffic was successfully tested in container, ready to handle the increasing flow of container trains.

The fact that Ryan's cyan train is coming from the port at Romapatna is less than 260 containers from Riga's port to export to China.

Thus, the first part of the ports has a commuter train exchanges, landing containers from China and exporting them simultaneously to China. These vessels will be exported to China using the Minsil-Riga Express Train Route. The LDC subsidiary is LDS logistics. This creates a very effective and simple cargo handing process.

"Latvijas dzelzceļš" is Manager of JSC Latvijas dzelzceļš (LDz), railway infrastructure and public services management company. Railway Infrastructure, Infrastructure Construction and Maintenance Company SIA. Infrastructura, CIA LDE Royal Stock Repair and Maintenance Company SIA LDL Rolling Stocks, Security Company SIA LDAS Applications, logistics firm SIALDE. Ladiesan Platinum receives a stable rating index and each year, Latvian companies are five of the best performing and best managers in the list of companies created by Prudenia and Nasdaq Rigga.


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