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Roberts Vitols won third place in the class and Doreen won the Supercar class (video)


Photo: 5 Nations British Rally Cross Championship

The second round of the British Rallycross Championship ended in Lidenhill on Saturday, with Latvian driver Roberts Vottols finishing third in the Super 1600 class. However, reports that the course of the fight was not as clear as it seemed.

In the final, Roberts finished third, finishing in 5.9 seconds in six laps. Two drivers from the famous European Super 1600 class team Woland Racing took first place, but in a more unexpected order – European “almost champion” Yuri Belevsky was defeated by Belgian newcomer Kobe Powell in 1.2 seconds.

Vatol also had a chance to surprise – Roberts was the fastest in the first qualifier, beating all rivals. The reason for the success was the special condition of the track that allowed the tires to be selected and played. After the success of the first voyage, Robert explained:

Photo: 5 Nations British Rally Cross Championship

On the first ride, Darren Scott and I started with dry tires, but the Volunteer ran with Audi and mobile tires. I was able to highlight the start, but I had already slipped well and had to work hard to get back on track – full hands! In general, the track was valid for tires, but at two turns we lost terribly to Audi cars, slipping like ice. So at the end of the trip I was caught by Belevsky. He tried to overtake me before the end of the journey, but I successfully covered the attack and finished first. ”

Also, on the driving track, Audi drivers became faster and faster. Belevsky won the second race within the class (competing with the Super 1600 Supernational Rider), with Powells second and Wattols fourth to Scott. In the third match, Powell hinted that he was ready to fight for victory. Belevsky was second and Votols third in the class, but Scott was soon behind him.

Final results:

1. Coppa Wales, Audi A1, 4: 46.889

2. Yuri Belevsky, Audi A1, 4: 48.070

3. Roberts Vitols, Peugeot 206, 52,771

4. Darren Scott, Citroen C2, 54.977

Willow final race:

Liams Dorens (145) was the fastest of the three qualifiers in the Supercar class, followed by Enzo Ide (130) and Julian Godfrey (120). Doran was also the fastest in the semi-finals, allowing him to start from the first starting line in the final. Although Doreen did not start in the final, first-ranked Oliver Bennett made a mistake that allowed Doreen to take the lead. The British athlete went on a convincing journey to celebrate victory. Sixth place – British Rally Cross legend Pet Doran

Supercar Class Final:

Final results:

1. Liam Doran, Audi S1, 4: 22.569

2. Enzo IDE, Audi S1, 4: 24.123

3. Mark Donnelly, Citroen DS3, 4: 29.152

4. Ollie Odonovan, Ford Fiesta, 4: 31.888

5. Tristan Owenden, Citroen DS3, 4: 35.270

6. Pat Doran, Citroen C4, 4: 43.049

7. Oliver Bennett, Site BMW Mini Cooper S, 4: 56.754

Third, the final stage will take place on Sunday.

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