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Recommend a pharmacist: five health-enhancer and delicious hot drinks


When the time behind the window is cool, the arm stretches into a hot drink. However, in order to strengthen your health in autumn and winter, a delicious drink, taking into account the valuable ingredients of the body, will look at the current drinks of the different cool season, the pharmaceutical pharmacy network "Apothecica", Pharmacist Layla Salite.

"Hot drinks are a great way to absorb vitamins, boost your immune system, improve your body's structure and reduce your appetite. Do not drink 2 to 4 glasses per day, a liter of drinking water – "Oh It says.

Citrine water

Hot water, lemon and honey are one of the most popular cold season drinks. Using lemonade in everyday life helps to protect against infectious diseases, improve metabolism and eliminate toxins. Enhances body defenses and promotes active substances that help in producing bile, thereby promoting liver function. That is, honey and bacteria that can reduce the likelihood of viral formation.

Cinnamon ginger

Hot lemon juice with lemon juice, ginger and cinnamon will give you fresh flavors and health-enhancing. Sweet airways can help relax the muscles and help in reducing the ginger. But cinnamon can help control the amount of sugar and reduce appetite. Cinnamon, hot drink, drinking in a vacant shawl in the morning and drinking in the evenings in the evenings, it stimulates metabolism and has a good effect on the hair condition.

Cranberry drink

The hot cranberry drink or morsel is often called a "super drink" that causes smoking, boiled lemons, and some sugar. This drink is a powerful antioxidant containing Vitamin C. It helps free radicals, reducing kidney stones, disinfects the urinary tract, bacteria prevent them from their walls, and thus protects itself from the cold and turbulent phase of the unpleasant blast.

Drinking sodonia

The heat was made from quins made from a syrup, sprayed with sugar in quince drink. Vitamin C is rich in vitamin B and fiber. It stimulates digestion. This drink is perfect when you see the "caught" virus.

Honey and milk

The grandmother's cooking method – milk with honey – is still the subject. Soothes the mucous membrane in the throat, especially when coughing of the throat, especially when curing such a drink. It is good to drink hot milk with honey just before lying down – it gives you more sleep and relaxation. Honey should not be heated up to 40 degrees Celsius so as not to lose its cure.

In this article you will find 11 strong drinks that will help you heat up and overwrite the water, but you will get 12 recipes to improve your health.

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