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Letter, flowers, letter paper … What is Latvia in 100 years?


The name "Latvia" was born in the 19th region. Is smaller than the country of the century.

In Latvia, Latvia has been named after the Latin name, respect, and love of Latvia. It is not surprising that the Lithuanian Institute of Latvia promoted by Latvia.

Avi Rosenberg

Director of the Latvian Institute

Initially it may seem incredible. But on the other hand, I can only imagine that Latvia understood Latvia. It is sacred to use the word in full, as they say in every corner of our way everywhere.

The first news of Latvia's yellow bomb was in the 18th century. This is known as the breeding of folk breeding. Latvia is the Latin name for Latvia, named after Latvia, in the late 1930s and early 1940s. The widespread use of the Latvian word comes from adventure years, and later the Latvian stigma and the Latin white pigs are now entering the race of extinction.

The slogan "Latvia" was such a feature. In the years of the Soviet Union, the Reggae Coach Supermarket Factory or RF started manufacturing the minimum, the latter's name was called Latvia. They could not buy it personally, but they wanted to bring this letter to their home.

Representatives of "Rafi" now see in the Reggae Motor Museum. Rafu represents two generations, but why these terms are not really exploring the word "Latvia", that is just an idea.

Juris Wangs

Reggae Motor Museum Exposition Manager

Rationally we, in parallel, are known as the "ri" in the karakov radio "ukraine" produced in the Larvae VEF produced by the Mobad Radio "Ligueva" from the Radstar Factory. It's time to build material names, it's popular. While still working in Latvia in bakery, Khrushcheck has not yet launched anti-national policies. Then comes the title "Latvia".

Most of these vehicles were utilized and used by the fire and police for public authorities and hospitals. But the model called the Tourist Variant has more windows, a sunroof on the ceiling, and a more comfortable cabin.

Since 1957, the RAF, which has been modeled for "Latvia", has been built for 40 years. At the beginning of the 90's. In the meantime, Latvia's name is in the Dutch, with many different flowers, such as the Latin red and the "lottel red" pool bulb. Latvia is a gift from Latvia, Netherlands, and Latvia, Received a tulip item. The red and white flowers presented to the President of the European Union President were presented to Latvia.

August Silbert

National Library Representative in Latvia

It is symbolic that the acquisition of the presidency in 2016 is symbolic, so there is a symbolic future for future cooperation with Rigaza in the Netherlands.

Tulips are not installed in the library. Now, instead of flowers, "sow" rain.

By the end of the Latin presidents, the Tulip bulbs distributed Latvia as distant municipalities.

Latvia's name is about the mysterious place – the asteroid that surrounds the sun in our country.

Elmars Iglesi

Baldon Observer Head

In size, 30 km. In 1934 he was called in 1934.

At this point, a small asteroid asteroid was discovered in Germany with 1284 numbers, and the name "Latvia" was named after the German astronomer.

"Latin astronomer is concerned with the fact that the planet was very active in the development of small planets, not only in the asteroid belt, but also of various comets," Egilitis says.

However, it is difficult to see the fragmented "Latvia". The asteroid "Latvia" is very far away – about 450 million kilometers from Earth, although it is the largest telescope in the Balton Observatory, which can be found around 50 meters. That is our safe distance to our planet.

In the Small Planet Register you can find the position of an asteroid and view the parameters on a particular web site. The asteroid "lata Vita" is located on the right side of the Milky Way galaxy, between the stars of the Thulayan and Oppos. But to see Latvia, it must go further south and go next to Ethiopia and Egypt.

If we are still far from the stars, we can not only have the word "lattvia" and enter the country at the full lodge of the country. The Latvian Institute created a digital map a few years ago and people around the world started inviting them on the go. The cover of Latvia's map, it's a journey, go or share it on social networks.

A special application on the phone assumes that this card may remain for the user. Latin maps are now depicted in many countries of the world.

Avi Rosenberg

Director of the Latvian Institute

So wherever you are in the world, so Latvia comes along with you. Antarctica and Arctic are the only landmarks of Latvia, a gift for Lithuania for a hundred years, and from our own people around the world, as well as a gift for the city residents.

However, the term is now given in Latin and Low. The expert in the Latvian Institute admits – confirms that we are stable as a nation. She is convinced that Latvia has something to boast about. There are ideas that change the world. Why can not they give the name of Latvia?

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