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Latvia started with five points in the first half. The finals ended after the tenth quarter final.

In February, at the federal Olympic Games, three Scottish ships, including UK's Yves Merhardt, were in fourth position.

Latvia won 4-7 at the top of the world's top teams in the world.

After the 2-2 victory, the sixth opponent scored four points and found its own victory. This program ended nine out of nine.

Sweden is the Foshan Olympic champion and current vice champion in the world and Europe.

Latvia curling experts entered the Finland 8-11 for the first time. Then Denmark won 8-6 against the Netherlands, but Sunday's 7-8 defeat against Russia.

Latur Career Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Italy will meet on Monday night as the championship continues.

Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and Sweden have won five victories in five games. Italy won five defeats in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Latvia and Scotland.

In the first of a division, ten teams will compete in one round, but the title of the four best European championship titles will continue.

The Latvia Women's Team of the European Championships represent the Iveta Stasa Surenhaus (scipp), Santa Blalerbah, Eva Crosta, Evelina Baron and Eatlinna Silana, but the team's coach Carls Smg.

In the lower Division B competition, the men in Latin gained Turkey by 8-4.

In the first game, the Latvians lost 2-7 to Czech Republic. Hunger was defeated 10-3 on Sunday.

There are two winners in the three matches, and the third and fourth place for sub-exported Latin athletes.

In the continuity of the race, Latvian Caribbean candidates will compete with Spain, Estonia, France and Slovakia.

Rittvars Gulbis, Scotola Basmis, Iverus Avatins, Arias Minz Brisins, Christus Wilks, and team coach Robert Kruce are the men in Latvia in the European Championships.

In Division B, 16 teams competed in eight groups in eight teams. After completing a round tournament, the first tournament in two groups will be participating in a division, World Championship Qualifying Tournament.

The World Championships qualifying tournament will be held from January 18-23 in New Zealand. Four women and four men's karling teams from Europe will enter the tournament. Two of them will be a division race. It is just behind the eligibility of the World Championship and two B Division teams – second and second.

In the last year's European Championships, Latin women's team b-division reached the final. They did not win the right to participate in the World Championships to defeat Finland. True, the ultimate qualification for a division tournament achievement. It did not participate in the B divisions.

Latvian Women's Curling team also won the Fancheng Olympic Games in December last year, but there was no signal in the Olympics.

In 2013, Lady A.D. Division A was at seventh position, but the gentleman remained at eighth place and became the highest point in a division.

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