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In 2019, the vessel's arrival in the vessels on the port of Ventils is changing


In 2019, the vessel's arrival in the vessels on the port of Ventils is changing

November 14, 2018, Ventaspils Free Port Authority Photo: Ventilsilles Free Port Authority

With a partial compensation for rising cost expenses, the Venturell's Free Port Board decided to increase the port fees and charges for services at an average price of 8%. Additionally, after changes to effect from January 1, 2019, the Ventiles port fee will be reduced to the east coast of the Baltic Sea, thus ensuring the most competitive environment for private companies to work in the Vice City port.

Port fees and service charges will be collected from a ship called Ventilspils Free Port Authority Port to maintain and develop port infrastructure, such as berth, ship marks, and stevarers – to ensure naval safety, pilots, ship theft and the full range of other services. This is the main source of revenue for Free Port of Ventspils. In order to ensure the most competitive conditions for private terminals running at the port, the WhippleP's Free Port Board is withdrawing its position to give it at the lowest level. For many years Ventilp's free port terminals can use the best infrastructure available for the Baltic Sea East Coast ports at the lowest price.

The current Vendspill's port fees will be effective from May 1, 2008. The changes were made in 2011 alone. Tankers have a 9% increase. Inflation has risen to 12 per cent since 2011. Estimates of expenditure increased by 18% since 2011. After the new fees are enforced, about 8% more will be spent on the harbor in Vendils.

The fees for RG, LIJJA, TALINE, KILPEDA, and Silam are not available, and secondly it will be a major increase in the fees, so venturespole port fees will be very important for companies running at the port. % Higher than what's on the ventils.

It should be noted that Ventiliple's port provides a special benefit for private enterprises. Private companies (terminals and tagged service providers) will get a 30% less Harbor Fees, which is very low or not in other ports.

Details of changes in Ventures' free portfolio charges are effective on January 1, 2019 and can be found on the Freeport Website of the RPO Authority website

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