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Favorite local actors appeared in cartoon characters – Cinema, TV – Entertainment


Hero of the Hero, "The Sun Ride in Heaven" tells about actor Willis Dowds, that each actress is a challenge to make an animated film. "You're always excited to make a movie, if you say a role, you do not see it, you do not see someone else's responsibility to get away from it, because the viewer can read and read only," says actor.

The sound studio recording kabilis, as seen in the movie behind the cinema, makes the characters searching for right sound sensations and moods. Sometimes it portrays the character through physical exercises.

Within four years, fifty participated in a painting, painting, painting, motion, and recording in four years. Early actors' sound recording was cited as calling actors "black texts". Animators can see how the images, their motions, preparations, the supernatural positions, and how each statue speaks. After all the characters have been drawn, the original text referenced in the picture is displayed, so the images shown in the pictures depicted are accurately compatible. Okay, sometimes the first volume record does not have to succeed. This was the case with the great villain and wild wolf who were buried in the voice of the villain Dudenne in "Sun Driving in Heaven".

"The Sun went to the sky," the story begins when the sun and moon are kidnapped in a jellyfish, and parents who survive call a man to restore the baby. Nabseraman swords around, the girl and the bride join the mosquitoes and lungs in the path of their fear and laziness. The helpers can only be given three days. If they could not find the sun's daughter then they would lose her strength and become an ordinary girl. Danger, adventure journey, everyone knows, is not only bold and resourceful, but also helpful. Latvia Animation Classics The cinema folk slogans of Rose Steeb, Juris Kauklis and The Young Midsammer Orchestra, are alert to their incidents.

The studio "Locomotive", founded in 1995, animated "The Sun Drives in the Sky" was created in the most active and productive studies of the Baltic. Studios will build feature films, documentaries and animated films featuring world class festivals. In the last four years alone, "The Great Cristapops" received 13th National Film Award for the Production of Studios. Bollywood's full-length animated film and three great crystals were made with the signing of "Sons in My Pocket" signed in 2014. The US Academy of Film Awards was nominated as "Oscar" as a candidate in Latin America.

The animated film "The Sun Drøv in Heaven" has become part of the "Latvia of the Latin Latine Movies for the Century of Latvia" program.

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