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Eva Janez was nominated as Director General of the SRS


Ewe Jaunse, Director of the State Revenue Service (VID) Selection Competition, was the highest Commission of Excellence. Portal "Delphi" which is a study of the Department of State Chancellery Communications.

Juanše has previously served as the administrator of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and served as the State Secretary of the Ministry of Welfare.

The Director General of the SRS has been entrusted with a competitive council of six years. Earlier he worked as a Permanent Representative Advisor to the European Union in Latvia Republic.

Four years after Junior was Director General of the Latvian Employers Confederation, the largest representative of the employers in Latvia.

The academic information center of the Directorate General of the SRS, a Master of Science degree in Business Management, and an Economics Degree in Economics in Economics, is considered as the Professional Masters Degree.

She handled two foreign languages ​​- English and Russian – learned German and French into basic knowledge.

"We are excited to the efficacy of the competition, because the opinion of members of the Commission, knowledge and experience to achieve the rich, is still to develop, Preparing to work with them to understand the new trends, we have succeeded in finding a real experienced professional. Both public and private sector workers, represented by the Drum item in the burning job is running, "said the Chancellor, Director, Rose sirrkeavavis.

"While in the recent years the State Revenue Service has achieved growth and development, I am sure that the areas where clear improvements are still existing, I have a clear view of the functioning of public institutions, this process and the international environment, help me as Director General of SRS I believe that it helps me to make the downtime better and better.

On November 20, a press conference will be held at State Chancellery at 10 am. A press conference will also be held to clarify the course's course and the results and to familiarize with the vision of the RSS.

At the end of the contest, the Commission will recommend a suitable candidate for the Finance Minister. He will make a decision to nominate the tender for the approval of the Cabinet. If the Director-General of the SRS is getting a government support, he / she will be appointed to the position for five years.

Tenders Commission for Commitments are chairman of the state chancellor Janice Zitkoviss. Latin Financial Industry Association Council of Latvia Altis BCC, Vice President of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Spiderman Abram, Secretary of the Ministry of External Affairs, Chairperson of the Development Committee of the Board of Foreign Investors Council Vice Chairman Slata Elxina Saucirchenka.

Free observers will be selected by the Finance Minister of Latvia Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Latvia Republic Association of Association. Competition Commission collaborates with the Police and the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau. All sorts of support will be given to the Commission by providing information on candidates for a timely decision.

In November 2016, Ilse Cyrill, director-general of the SRS, led by State Revenue Service, died unexpectedly on March 10.

On April 9, the Director General of the SRS, first announced after the death of Sirius. Applications have been received till the last date for submission of applications, but 11 candidates have been nominated for the second round.

The finest Maris Schugins, with finance minister Dan Roseny-Oslo (ZZS), went ahead with the discussion. Subsequently, Skujins decided to withdraw his candidate and the search for SRS Manager had to be resumed.

Currently deputy director general of the SRS is Dose Peakeck, deputy tax director.

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