Monday , June 5 2023

British banks have produced bad results in shocking tests / article / LSMV


British banks have shown the worst of the latest European banking stress tests. German and Italian banks are difficult. The European Banking Supervisor developed an experimentation scenario with a European Union recession. It will continue till 2020.

The European Banking Supervisor has examined 48 large European banks by tests this January through October. Latin banks were not among them. The economic downturn (8%) decreased in this context. A brotyte work, or withdrawal from the European Union from Britain.

In general, despite the pressure from the banks since 2008, most banks in Europe are the worst for the British people.

Lloyds, Barclays Banks and the Royal Bank of Scotland. The worst situation in the British economy and the banking pressure is predicted. However, the German "Dushe Bank" and many local banks are likely to suffer much – for example, the worst conditions are to prevent dividend payments and increase the share capital of the share capital.

Some banking experts point out that, in the amazing way, the Italian banks have shown relatively good results. But the Italian economy has not yet included the new situation.

None of the banks have gone through stress inspection. The last two years ago the Stress Test had been done and now it is back to Macroeconomic shocks.

The banking supervisor will decide whether this test results are likely to increase their losing credits.

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