Friday , September 30 2022

BKUS Doctor: Because of the lack of parents, Latvia children are too late to find type 1 diabetes


Children endorse clinical University Hospital (BKUS) endocrrinologist as Type 1 diabetes infected in Latvia's very late children. This is because parents and public are not available for information. 88.4 per cent of children who were diagnosed with the disease were in critical condition at the hospital or informed diabetes treatment doctor Kautcucidos, Vytautas Steania, the representative of BKUS.

"Every year in Latin, diabetes and diabetes, 75 to 85 children have been identified in the early stage of the symptoms, the treatment of children will be relatively easy, stress relieves stress and often does not get resuscitation," Dr. Evetta Lite-Krishnan said, in more advanced countries, 50 to 55 percent Until children are diabetic patients.

The first symptoms of Type 1 diabetes can be triggered by a serious viral disease. "Is that the baby sleep more and feel more fatigue, thirst, want more and more attention is usually available to them nalkunnillennuman enough of these symptoms begin to reduce the impacts of the virus svikarikkukayanennum ceyyum.avalute parents often lose weight. Type 1 diabetes in a timely manner in order to determine This will help children to consider and provide accurate, however, to protect the child from the parents to develop healthy kaliyum.kuranna in the context of the symptoms of diabetes areagyaprasnannalil very careful, "explains livirra-Karisma.

Diabetes, abdominal pain, rapid pain, rapid heart attack, severe weakness, extraordinary awareness, and coma are not known earlier. If you have any of these symptoms, you should immediately call for emergency medical services.

Type 1 diabetes is not diabetes, excessive sex or inactive lifestyle. This can not be avoided, and it can not be completely cured. Insulin is replaced with insulin injections and is treated with insulin pump. Type 1 diabetes mellitus is a specific (auto-immune response) determination in developing genetic diabetes (family diabetes), adverse environmental conditions, and certain viral diseases in developing diabetes in children with genetic disorders.

In general, type 1 diabetes affects 700-year-olds above 18 years and older than 95,000 adults. About 650 children below the age of 18 have type 1 diabetes mellitus.

Yelizvetta Sokolovskaya, a doctor at Pulse Stradines Clinical University Hospital, makes it clear that diabetes should be extensively infected and should be done to prevent them. But this article tells you how to treat a diabetic child.

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