Friday , May 14 2021

4 tips to get nonfree pictures in low light

In the holidays the Mongols become dark, but on national holidays, each of us wishes to take a beautiful picture of the festival or city decorations.

Darkness is not natural or natural, but a friend of nature, and there is no reason to excite it – it is absolutely realistic to have high quality images on the low light. Hawaii experts gathered four tips to get glamorous images in low light.

Expire the exposure time

If there is a difficulty after listening to the term "exposure time", you do not have to worry, because photographers use "exposure" means the amount of light that comes to the camera sensor during the shooting. Changing the exposure time can also change the lighting in the photograph, so exposure time should last longer when shooting at low light.

The best time to try the light in nighttime photography is through cars, cities, festive saloons, magic light lines or the brightness of light in the light. For example, the master AI image recognition feature comprised of Huawei Mate 20 Pro smartphones will feature 1500 different scenarios in 25 categories, including festive greetings. So when taking a picture, artificial intelligence helps to optimize color in the image, so it's time to adjust the exposure time.

Using photo stabilization activity

Photographing at low light temperatures is always challenging, as when subjecting the subject or photographer moves, the picture becomes faded. Taking a photo with a low light looks to see if any solid surface or phone is always supported.

Photo stabilization function is one of the solutions to avoid unnecessary effort. For example, the AI ​​image stabilization feature of the Huawei Mate 20 series allows you to take pictures clearly at low light conditions, and when you use night mode, you can even compare high contrasts, so the images are smooth without resolution.

Use natural light

It is important to keep in mind that flash is especially good if the picture is good for all around. Light source comes from a special, small point, and the color of the flashing photos may be unnatural. This is because the color of the light is different from the light around it. That's why when shooting at low light, try to use the environment of light. If a person is photographer, try to place him in the way that the light falls on his face and always remember that even the slightest changes in light will be effective in effect.

Hawaii experts recommend that you use the master AI feature to match the ideal lighting to make the image look like the most natural. For example, photographing the sky, MI. Blue Sky displays the scene and helps increase the color saturation to make the sky more attractive, helping Huawei's portrait photography. 1500 different situations in the Huawei Mate 20 Pro are ideal for determining a specific range. Master AI made to the phone will help you find the best camera settings, so the picture is completely darkened in the dark.

Do not be afraid to be creative

Spectacular images can be blind to block light from the image, but the results are so amazing that the approach to creative and abstract photography is so amazing! For example, the exposure of the photo, the wide variety of contradictions is very new. When taking pictures, you should take into consideration the dark shapes and colors that are not in the dark background – they will make invisible and incredible images in their eyes.

Creative photos can also be taken with the exposure time above – the long-term exposure times allow freezing topics, creating different illusions, for example, a running man can take a two-fold high-paced or a light in the air. For example, within a hundred years of Latvia Write the different words you want.

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