Friday , September 30 2022

"Tax Investigation Survey" … bribery, businessmen and tax accounts


Police seized them from suspects. (Photo: Intelligence Criminal Investigation Division, Siell Regional Police Agency)
[이데일리 조해영 기자] Companies, former public officers and tax accountants listed by the Cossack list handed over to thousands of winners for tax inquiry were delegated by the delegation.

The Intelligence Criminal Investigations Service (SOL Metropolitan Police Agency) said that a bribe was received by a representative of the KOSDAQ listed company A-Mo (45) and former tax and public relations officer B (54). (45) and tax attorney said that Huang was arrested.

KWW has pulled out 3.1 billion KWW 67 billion revenue. The AI ​​and others deny the use of the company's mobile touch screen and the poor performance of manufacturers to stop this list's discontinuation. In the process of covering them, they handled details of bank account receipts and withdrawals, or counterfeit account debits.

Based on fake documents, the ATA received appropriate comments and received 18 times from 18.8 billion financial institutions. At the same time, Mr. B. Biswas stopped paying tax investigations at the Regional Tax Offices. Including bribe to two taxpayers.

Another Coddactic listed company, Citizens, was paid a tax of 90 million dollars in tax relief in March 2013. A police officer said these companies were bribed as they were familiar with government officials and public authorities.

As a result of police inquiry, A total of 377 million won a compensation of 37 taxpayers. There are six cases of Y companies and 1 case C companies. The commission collected the fees and distributed 220 million votes to the public authorities. .

Police said they have violated the law on bribery and special crimes.

10 former public authorities were transferred with money to prosecution, including the BB (54), which removed the company from audit.

B. B. The tax inquiry (bribery, job duties etc.) get the fact that the facts about fake documents are unconfirmed or that companies do not submit their names to the inquiry process. C. 170 million winners of civil service officers. C. In June, he was sentenced to five years imprisonment.

The number of people with disabilities has been reduced to 8,800 in March. "We have been informed by the Financial Supervisory Service to cooperate with the concerned organizations and get further action by informing the facts of IRS.

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